A member of the Parliamentary Security: Change military leaders will give strength and security institutions

Editor Hussein gesture – Wednesday November 12, 2014 21:56
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Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Considered for the Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary member Hamid al-Mutlaq, Wednesday, changing the military leaders will give the strength of the security institutions, as called for taking into account the re-conscription to represent all components of the Iraqi people in the military establishment.

Mutlaq said in an interview for “Alsumaria News”, “change the military leadership will give the strength of the security institutions, because the change is required and must be the introduction of new blood to prove their combat,” pointing out that “a lot of people were given ranks do not deserve.”

Mutlaq called to “take the subject of conscription into account to represent all Iraqis, in addition to pushing the officers training courses to develop their skills of combat.”

The Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces issued Haider al-Abadi, on Wednesday (November 12, 2014), to refer the matter to the ten leaders of retirement and the appointment of 18 other new positions at the Ministry of Defense, and the exemption of 26 leaders from office.

And detecting the beginning, today a source, that among the covered leaders decision Abadi Chief of Staff of the Army team Babacar Zebari and the commander of the Anbar Operations Lt. Gen. Rashid Flaih and the commander of the Baghdad Operations Lt. Gen. Abdul-Amir al-Shammari and operational commander of the Middle Euphrates Lt. Gen. Othman Ghanimi and secretary of the Ministry of Defense Lt. Gen. Ibrahim Lami, in addition to some of the military leaders of the difference.



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