Jaafari: infallible visit to Saudi Arabia will contribute to the strengthening of relations between the two countries

Jaafari: infallible visit to Saudi Arabia will contribute to the strengthening of relations between the two countries

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi Uz..cd Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Tuesday, that the visit of President Fuad Masum, to Saudi Arabia will contribute to the strengthening of relations between the two countries, noting that the infallible visit to Saudi Arabia came in response to an invitation by the King of Saudi Arabia.

Jaafari said in a statement, I followed / Baghdadi News / “We will invest this visit to strengthen relations between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, especially as it will witness many meetings start of the Two Holy Mosques and the Crown Prince, as well as the foreign minister,” noting that “the Saudi-Iraqi diplomacy will move the wheel issues was formerly rigid complement previous dialogues in Jeddah, Paris and New York. “

He said al-Jaafari, according to the statement that “previous encounters gave indications of seriousness in moving the Iraqi-Saudi relations have reason to invest in this visit and pay the Iraqi-Saudi relations forward,” pointing out that “the visit infallible to Riyadh came in response to an invitation by the King of Saudi Arabia.”

He indicated that the President will travel to Riyadh infallible on an official visit to meet with the king and the Saudi officials to discuss relations between Iraq and Saudi Arabia .anthy 21 / j



House of Representatives ends the first reading of the three laws

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November 11, 2014
Majlis deputies ended the twenty-seventh Directors held today Tuesday, 11/11/2014, headed by Mr. Saleem al-Jubouri, President of the Council and in the presence of 229 deputies first reading of three draft laws.
At the outset of the meeting, Mr. Jubouri said wounded Rep angham Alhmosa criminal incident this morning targeted a house currently under treatment while stressed the need for the completion of the naming heads of the committees alluding to achieve this through a vote in the committees.
He denounced the MP Zaid Abdul-Karim said in a statement, followed by the assassination of Mr. Ekab Janabi, a member of the Council of the province of Babylon, and Mr. Ibrahim Janabi judge Musayyib court two months after the abduction, accusing parties to work to undermine the national reconciliation efforts, calling on authorities to stand firm against moves that stand to hit the national unity being portends great danger
The Council voted on the report of the Special Parliamentary Committee to cause Alsger and Saqlawiyah in a secret session after Mr. Jubouri to draw that the Presidency considers the assignment of all what is stated in the report to the competent and especially the judiciary bodies and the Integrity Commission and commander in chief of the armed forces, stressing that the decision not to display the report publicly does not mean cover-up involved, but refer them to the competent authorities.
Council ended the first reading of the draft third amendment to the Law of the Ministry of Water Resources Law No. (50) for the year 2008 and submitted by the Committee on Agriculture and Water and marshes for the purpose of changing the designation of the Ministry of Water Resources Act in line with the aims and objectives and tasks.
Then I decided to postpone the Presidency the first reading of the draft law of the second amendment to the investment law No. (13) for the year 2006 submitted by the committees economy, investment and finance, at the request of the competent committees.
Council completed the first reading of the draft census law submitted by the committee of economy and investment , which aims to organize the census process in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution, which stressed that the general census of population and housing of the terms of reference for the federal government to keep up with the statistical work and developments of regional and international assignments for the purpose of standardization of statistical concepts and terminology, which provides data, information, and national databases supported are the integration of other ministries and agencies, especially the Central Bureau of Statistics (NBS) is the National Reference technical specialist for the management of statistical work and supervision of events and related activities and the close association between the statistical work and tasks information and strategies for information systems.
The bill includes the granting of incentives to encourage professional statistical field and office work and encourage turnout on statistical studies in departments of statistics and information in universities and work on the independence of the statistical work and the neutrality of the issuance of the statistical figure.
The Council also ended the first reading of the draft work presented Law of Committees of Labour and Social Alhwoon and civil and legal community, which includes 157 substance after he had finished in the previous session read 59 articles of the draft law, which comes Takeda for the principles enshrined in the Constitution of that work is a right for all Iraqis, including guarantees them a decent life and that the state is seeking to provide a broader social guarantees and to find a law that regulates the relationship between workers and employers in accordance with economic principles and that the State shall guarantee the right to form trade unions, professional associations, join them and the fact that Iraq has ratified a number of Arab and international labor conventions and find a law consistent with the provisions of these agreements and the introduction of new principles and provisions in this law and go long on the validity of the Labour Law No. 71 of 1987, especially that most of its provisions, does not fit the nature of the current phase as well as the conflict with a lot of international labor standards ratified by the Government of the Republic of Iraq and work to expand the work culture and ethics to ensure harmony and integration between rights and duties as a base to launch towards decent work and find a legal cover for workers contracts in government departments and the public sector and make their service is guaranteed for the purposes of granting pension rights and respect for the principles and basic rights for workers laid down in international conventions and treaties of the Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise and Collective negotiations and the elimination of all forms of work Forced and child labor, equal pay and the minimum age for employment and to prevent discrimination in employment and occupation and vocational training.
The bill also aims to organize vocational training process of pre-employment and re-training and the introduction of the principle of collective agreements to determine the rights and obligations of workers and employers in respect of vocational training and organizing the work of working women and the work of the events and foreigners in Iraq and determine the times of work and wages and vacation workers and the unification of the provisions of trade union action with the provisions of the rules work, including taken by modern legislation and resort to negotiation and arbitration and peaceful solutions before resorting to peaceful strike which vacation law and determine how the collective and individual disputes between labor organization or more, employers and the formation of the Labour Court in all provinces and determine the terms of reference and to challenge its provisions solution.
This was followed by MP Badr stallion statement evoked the martyrdom of Imam Ali (peace be upon him), and large positions in support of the oppressed, referring to address in terms of science in Salahuddin province, gangs terrorist Daash through sons fervent clans, calling for support side sons in the face of the terrorist organization.

Then decided to adjourn the meeting until the day of Thursday, 13/11/2014.
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Iraqi Council of Representatives

Deputy for the National: oil and gas law has read it and we are waiting for the Commission sent

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Agency eighth day
November 11, 2014, 13:14

Deputy for the National: oil and gas law has read it and we are waiting for the Commission sent
Baghdad _ ((eighth day))
MP for the National Alliance on Qubool that oil and gas law has been read in the House of Representatives and the amendments carried out by the Commission pending the House of Representatives to bring him back to it.
Qubool said in a statement to the Agency ((eighth day)) that “the oil and gas law has been read in the House of Representatives and the Committee on Oil and Gas Pantzalar the House of Representatives to bring him back to it.”
He added that “tomorrow will be a meeting for the study of law by the relevant committee.”
Stressing “was a settlement on the law to resolve disputes between the governments of the center and the region.”
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Al-Zubaidi and Executive Director of the World Bank discuss support economic and administrative reform programs of action


Tuesday, November 2 / November 11, 2014 13:21


Search Transport Minister Bayan Jabr with the Executive Director of the World Bank in Iraq, Hussein Hassan Mirza support economic reform programs and administrative procedures.

According to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the “al-Zubaidi met with Executive Director of the World Bank and presented last congratulations on the occasion of his accession to the Ministry of Transport tasks and during the meeting, the review of projects financed by the World Bank in Iraq andprocedures Bank in support of economic reform and administrative programs and prospects future cooperation between the two sides .anthy


The World Bank and six countries declares its readiness to cooperate with Iraq to recover his money stolen


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The World Bank and six countries declares its readiness to cooperate with Iraq to recover his money stolen

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Iraq participated acts of third Arab Forum for the recovery of looted funds held recently in Geneva Bhoudurakther than 250 representatives of governments and authorities, judicial and international and regional organizations, and chaired by Egypt, Tunisia and Switzerland in collaboration with the Initiative {Star} to recover money stolen while he World Bank West states its readiness to cooperate with Iraq to recover his money stolen.

Said Kazem day and general manager of the prevention department at the Integrity Commission said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on “The Forum, which is an extension of the first of the forum, which was held in Doha in 2012 and the second, which was held in Marrakech last year, aims toissue binding on member states and states recommendations participation in order to collaborate to re-looted money and people accused in accordance with the ways in which the law drawn “?

He added that the Integrity Commission, which represented the state of Iraq in the forum, which was inaugurated by President Swiss had an active role in participating through the ideas and visions put forward in addition to higher professional coordination enjoyed by the Iraqi delegation, headed by the Inspector General at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the membership of the Director General of the recovery circuit in the body Integrity and representatives from the Ministry of Justice. “

He continued, “The sessions of the Arab Forum for a refund, which was hosted by the Swiss capital of 11 to October 13 discussed a number of topics, including the development of recovery of assets and how to stand on the real beneficiary of the money smuggled and the decisions of the freeze administrative strategy in addition to civil damages and the role of the private sector as well as cooperation between civil society and governments. It also was more than {70} held a meeting on the sidelines of the forum in addition to the bilateral meetings that were a feature of the basic features of the Forum at its third session, which contributed to the access to concrete measures to push efforts to recover stolen assets.

He explained that the Iraqi delegation has to hold a number of bilateral meetings with the British and the US and the Lebanese side and the Tunisian and Moroccan and Jordanian who showed their willingness for joint cooperation and pursue legal avenues to recover the money Alnhobh. Praising the role of the World Bank, who has expressed an earnest desire to help Iraq recover his money stolen.

Mr. Director-General pointed out that the participants agreed on a number of recommendations, including the importance of providing international expert assistance and the use of all international and regional networks available for the exchange of information, and the need to understand the relevant determining contact and build bridges of cooperation between the participants points of legal systems to determine timing optimization to send mutual legal assistance requests, and the importance of detecting offenses preliminary evidence inside and outside the affected state.

The participants unanimously agreed on the importance of the role of the judicial authorities and help each others in terms of the procedures and the provision of information and the speed to cooperate with requests for legal assistance and to ensure the immediate follow-up at all stages, welcoming the allocation of the amount of five million dollars for the organization of regional capacity building in the field of asset recovery for 2015 programs

He noted that the participants in the forum praised the efforts of the initiative {Star} in the creation of a comprehensive site for all the resources concerned asset-looted to serve as a central point of reference on the basis of ongoing communication, participants also agreed that the asset recovery issues are complex issues and takes a long time, regardless of the the availability of political will among nations “.anthy


Oil Minister will visit Arbil during the next two days.”

2:55: 11.11.2014

Khandan -ali Naji

MP for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Abdulaziz Hassan, for an expected visit to the Minister of the Federal Oil Adel Abdul-Mahdi to Kurdistan, during the next two days, to discuss with officials in the region around the oil file.

Hassan said in a statement to “Khandan” that “there is information we have obtained, stating that the Federal Minister of Oil will visit the region on Wednesday or the day after tomorrow, to meet with officials of the oil file in the province,” explaining that “the Mahdi will present several proposals to resolve the oil dispute between Baghdad and Erbil, including linking the Kirkuk oil region’s oil and export it as a down payment and one. ”

He said Kurdish lawmaker that “the current atmosphere witnessed by the political arena, very good to resolve outstanding differences between the federal government and the Kurdistan region,” adding, “I think the oil file will be faster files that resolved between the parties.”

Distribution of more than 46 billion dinars compensation for victims of terrorism in Baghdad and the provinces

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Follow-up – and babysitCentral Committee to compensate those affected by the terrorist attacks and military errors reported in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, on Tuesday, that the compensation which was distributed to the affected victims of terrorism citizens during the past ten months in Baghdad and the provinces exceeded 46 billion dinars, and included more than 13 thousand affected.According to authoritative source in the committee that “the sum of the amounts distributed to the affected victims of terrorism citizens since the beginning of the year until the end of October amounted to 46 billion 515 million 979 thousand and 700 dinars included 13 thousand and 683 affected by the families of the martyrs and the injured and missing and damaged property as a result terrorist military operations and errors. ”

He said the “covered compensation dispersed by 3377 from the families of the martyrs and 2340 injured and 87 people missing in addition to the 7879 who damaged property as a result of terrorist attacks and military errors in Baghdad and the provinces, pointing to the near launch meal new compensation in the province of Baghdad will include more than 2,000 affected in amounts exceeding 4 billion dinars. ”