KRG: We will not recognize the process to export oil company SOMO

      Tuesday   11   November   2014 | 7:58


President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Barzani said that the process of export of crude oil from the region will not be handed over to SOMO, and that the provincial government and by oil revenues, local revenues will provide the needs of the Kurdistan region, said a member of the Energy Committee for Change, ultra Mustafa Barzani said during Meeting with the President of the Supreme Council for oil and gas in the province, said the province will not deliver oil marketing territory process for the company of the Iraqi State Oil Marketing Sumo, and will continue attempts to address the problems with Baghdad, adding that ‘a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government will not go to Baghdad by the Iraqi government to send a financial boost for the region ‘, said Mustafa said the Kurdistan Region is soon to deal with financial problems, and that the rate of oil export reached 319 000 barrels per day, and tackle the financial crisis for the region in the final stage


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