Barzani refuses to sell control of Baghdad Kurdistan oil

Squares of liberation / newsroom

Posted       11/11/2014 08:29 AM

Chairman threatened the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq that his government would not allow Baghdad to control the sale of the Kurdistan oil, stressing that if the Kurds did not reach a solution with the federal government Veseljon to other solutions without detection.


Tsriht Barzani came at a joint news conference with his deputy Qubad Talabani evening in the Kurdistan Parliament building after a day devoted to discuss the situation and the problems of the oil sector in the region, the end of the session.

Barzani and added “We will not allow in any way that controlled SOMO on Kurdistan oil,” adding that the export of Kirkuk must be shared between the province and Baghdad.

He predicted that the export of oil up  to the very end of this year to 450 000 barrels per day at the end of 2015 to 800 000 barrels. ”

Regarding the budget, said the prime minister “Baghdad cut the budget without justification and should not be the issue of employees’ salaries as part of the talks.”


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