Prime Minister’s Office: Abadi past its actions to combat the financial and administrative corruption

Haider al-Abadi J

(Independent) .. to the prime minister’s media office said, “said Haider al-Abadi past reform its procedures to combat financial and administrative corruption in state institutions.”

He added in a statement received (Almstvlh) there are measures taken to reduce this phenomenon, which has become a major threat to the country and its wealth is not less dangerous than the terrorism that seek to eliminate it for the lives of the country’s security and safety, and moving to the ranks of developed countries in all fields.

The Information Office said that the legacy of corruption of the heavy inheritance and we will strive to reduce them and then eliminate them where we will not relent in exposing the corrupt and dismissed after investigation and bring them to the courts because the wealth of the country belongs to the people and we Trustees it is necessary to maintain them.

He said Abadi highly appreciates the Supreme religious reference calls in the fight against financial and administrative corruption and that we will be striking for the financial and administrative corruption and terrorism hand and wished that everyone contributes to the fight against this scourge, which eat away at the body of the Iraqi state and the wealth of his sons. (End)


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