Prime Minister: the private sector should contribute to the management of the economy

11.11.2014 0:00

During the launch of the third generation communications ceremony
Baghdad morning Omar Abdel Latif Rashid Shaima
He stressed the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider al-Abadi, the need to raise the profile of telecommunications in Iraq, in the form, which can contribute to the development of all other sectors, economic, social and security especially, stressing the importance to meet public and private sectors, real partnerships reflected positively on the level of service delivery to citizens .
Assurances Abadi came, through his media and communications ceremony on Monday attended by “morning” for signing the right to use third-generation mobile phone frequencies contract extension, and concluded by the Commission with the companies “Atheer and Asiacell and Korek Telecom”. He said al-Abadi, during his speech on the sidelines of the ceremony: the “The launch of the third generation telecom services in Iraq is an important addition,” calling at the same time to “speed up the launch of the fourth generation and the expansion of various telecommunications services.”
He praised the Prime Minister on the real winning partnership between the public and private sectors, which he considered a cornerstone of the government program, which fostered the contracting process between telecommunications companies and mobile phone body in Iraq to launch a generation Aii.ofatt Abadi to the importance, but the state is a competitor to the private sector that are of allowing widespread to conclude bilateral partnership agreements manner that reflected positively on the provision of services to citizens, noting saying that “a true partnership between the public and private sectors means to provide more services to citizens and should work together to develop the country in various fields should be considered in all projects submitted for government institutions to see where the interest lies citizen. “ He reiterated that there is no intention to determine public freedoms in the field of communications, explaining that the opening up of Iraq in this area will make it in the face of serious some of the challenges, despite the importance of the third generation on the economic, social and educational aspects of security services, noting that the service was launched in Iraq delayed for four or five years.
Abadi added, that this service is important to provide communication cheaper and safer, but the enemies of Iraq are seeking to use this technology in the fight against the country, and therefore should work in earnest to protect the users of these new technologies.
He said that the world of organized crime and the means of communication used to influence in many segments of society, but that it can not be regarded as an excuse to determine public freedoms, noting that the state is based on the interest of the citizen priority.
He called on the Prime Minister to expedite the release of the fourth-generation services, and called for “reducing” communications and improve the prices of services, noting that the role of the state is the attribution of the private sector and not a rival.
Means of communication

For his part, Head of Media and Communications Authority Safa al-Din spring, stressed that the third-generation technology, work will start on the first of January of the next year, indicating that this technique will create a wide labor market.
Spring said in his speech for the “morning” that the contract legally signed with telecommunications companies to use the third generation, but the actual service will start on 01.01.2015 in one hour in one minute in order to ensure fair competition between companies. “
He added that this service would develop the use of the Internet in mobile devices and the speed of data transfer and load, and therefore these major uses of the Internet would create a labor market for a generation Alchaabab.oaza spring, delayed the work of those technical, to the routine used in government departments, stressing the determination of the Commission to launch a fourth generation through coming months after the completion of a number of technical aspects of this subject.

An important step

Turn senior agent of the Ministry of Communications Engineer Amir Bayati described step by signing a third-generation mobile phone “contract task and large” viewing it as an input real structure to develop Albuld.oadhav Bayati said in a statement singled out the “morning” that despite the delay in the use of this service, but it is considered important step in Iraq to be in refineries developed countries, pointing out that this generation will develop educational and financial level in the country, as well as it is the foundation to launch generation service Alraba.aly, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees in the media and communications, Dr. Ali Nasser Khuwaylidi said in statement singled out the “morning” on the sidelines of the signing: “The ceremony of the body and feet after the use of this advanced technology generation, have contributed to double the country’s financial revenue, amounts estimated at one billion dollars, in addition to future revenue for this Alkhaddma.oadhav that this generation is characterized by high speed in online up to 3000 kbps allowing citizen browse sites quickly and the use of video programs in communication, as well as used by Ath.utaba institutions that this generation will provide job opportunities for companies and engineers being needs of many workers in these services and technologies.

Political welcome

In the meantime, MP welcomed the Kurdistan Alliance Vian Dakhil this step which was considered necessary to revive the practical, technological and security reality in Albulad.oukalt Intruder “morning”: that the move came too late for four years despite attempts Communications Commission representative at the time, which sought to proceed in this matter, especially that each technique-lived default Ma’ayan can not override it “.wakdt MP said the media and communications comprising of competencies Maimknha to provide more of the country, expressing the hope that the government is interested in investing and the private sector and encourage these sectors In turn, explained Director of Communications Department of the Commission, Engineer Haitham Hadi said the third-generation technology is a natural evolution of telecommunications services for the second generation, which will contribute to the launch of new services for citizens and make a breakthrough in the world of communications in Albuldoukal Hadi’s “morning”: that this service allows citizens to use mobile phone their private databases and wider world of the Internet, “stressing that global reports show that the country that launches a third-generation services will be the transmission, on the economic and living standards and cultural level of the citizen.


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