Politicians and media representatives: Workshop {} morning the first specialized after 2003

11.11.2014 0:00

Bmkhrjatha praised after extensive discussions and dialogues
Baghdad, Ahmed Abed Rabbo Wafaa Amer
Political and media figures confirmed that the national and impartial media plays a prominent role in supporting and consolidating the government program which political blocs recently agreed upon by revealing cases of corruption, pointing to flaws in the state, stressing that the workshop was organized by the “morning” is the first to discuss the government program.

Construction and development

President of the National Center for Strategic Studies and confident Hashemi said “morning”, during the last hosted a seminar about the government program: he can not overlook the role of the national free media in the construction and development process, which aspires its new government within its government, as the media national calls in Nowadays the integrity and transparency, in addition to it reveal cases of corruption and embezzlement in transactions also indicate weak points.
He also added that these principles confirmed by the government program, pointing out that the media fair working to motivate and develop the government program in line with the implementation and the situation being experienced by the country, which represents a reflective mirror to people’s concerns mechanism.
With regard to the times that have been developed for the implementation of the government program, the head of the National Center for Strategic Studies, called for political blocs to reconsider them and extended so as to the existence of the problems facing the government is the security situation confused experienced by some provinces, in addition to the existence of a state of austerity due to declining oil exports from the country and the low price of a barrel Worldwide oil, praising the workshop “morning” that promise of important workshops.


For his part, Vice-President of the Union of businessmen in Diwaniya Obaid Azzouz Ziadi seminar as the first specialized seminar after 2003, organized by a media organization in the field of economic reforms, as it brought together all parties to discuss the crisis experienced by the country.
He expressed the hope that is to continue to hold such seminars on a regular basis to monitor developments and to discuss the problems and put transparently by various media with the possibility of the center to hold seminars with economists prior to the seminar, stressing that the Businessmen Union fully prepared to participate in all this discussion seminars and seminars held by the morning newspaper.
He pointed out that the government program comprises vertebrae was Union has put founded years ago and includes the transfer of the country’s state employees to state business to create a strong and effective economy, however, that the delay in the budget led to the obstruction of a lot of issues that achieve economic reform as well as security challenges experienced by the country recently, which he described Palmagueth fact the government program lays the foundations for strong economy if achieved, it will expel all projects that aim to delay in the country and the most important to get rid of “Daash” gangs and start building the country through a quick programs and projects carried out simultaneously.

Political system

For his part, said political science professor Aziz Jabr Vest in his “morning”, said the building is capable political system on the achievement should be the basis of depends on what posed by the media as a longer-kind critical of the failures that occur in the political process on the one hand and hand in the adoption of hand again, if became a source of strength and community tool is able to mobilize public opinion starved government elements of power needed by the program, noting that he is a general lines expanding and narrowing according to the destination concerned.

Real institutions

In turn, the international media professor Kazem Mikdadi pointed out that there is a need to be real media organizations characterized journalistic professionalism and credibility, similar to what exists in some countries in the developed world, the condition to stay away from the qualitative separation of employees and external funding.
For his part, the editor of the statement, secretary Ibrahim Luxury “morning” that interest sector media in the government program that does not exist despite the fact that most of the media policy media live with the present unstable state through the adoption of various partisan and external communications that do not serve the interests of the Iraqi citizen has also affect the course of events Alssayash.ama economist at the Central Bank, Dr. Muhammad Akram Hussein has stressed the “morning” the importance of the workshop held by the “morning” Saturday Almadi.oukal: “the possibility of the Center for Strategic Studies of the” morning “to push for the formation of a committee to keep on the government program as comprehensive and ambitious program and can accommodate the latest developments that have taken place in the country, which led to the fall in oil prices, as well as what is included in the change of the political as well as economic concepts. “


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