General Federation of Trade Unions of Iraq workers leather industry workers participate in their demonstration …..

Amer Sheikh Ali Abboud
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Axis: labor and trade union movement

General Federation of Trade Unions of Iraq workers leather industry workers participate in their demonstration ….. Amer Sheikh Ali Abboud 

Workers and employees of the General Company for Leather Industries and the participation of a large number of systems of employees of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals and the General Federation of Trade Unions of Iraq workers in front of the company headquarters located in the Karrada district on Monday, 10/11/2014 morning a protest to demand the legitimate rights and remedies and neglect them, and getting paid.
As workers at the General Company for Leather Industries Inc. plant oils and other companies from the non-payment of monthly salaries for them to suffer because of the lack of liquidity in their companies and because of the position of the Ministry of Finance not to exchange, inflation accumulated debt on these companies that have become stalled because of the attitudes and government actions.
And raised during the demonstrations slogans demanding workers’ rights and rehabilitation of laboratories and factories in the public sector and exchange overdue salaries and the abolition of self-financing in their company and turn it into a central funding and fee wise and clear policy for the management of the industry profile in Iraq, and chanted their ballots thundering (factor voice Ahzakm and destroys your posts) as well as (Helle them Helle treated us after the trick).
At the end of the demonstration, which lasted more than two hours, the workers said they would continue their demonstrations until the implementation of the proposals in the memorandum submitted to the competent authorities and the Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi, which included “suffer a large segment of Iraqi society, represented by (350) thousand families with a member in the Ministry of Industry and Minerals of injustice and neglect of broad and call for action to:
1 cancel the recent decision of the Ministry of Finance No. (119 995) 31/122 013 who made ​​the employees of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals salaries tied to loans from state banks with a great benefit! . And work on their salaries and entitlements by the timely exchange without delay.
2 reconsider self-financing companies law by the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives to work on the possibility of converting companies to central funding system or give legal opportunity and facilities to companies for an appropriate period.
3 the formation of a joint committee of both houses of ministers and MPs to see if the obstacles that belong to these companies and to find appropriate solutions being considered tributaries of the Iraqi economy because of its great technical and engineering expertise.
4 activating the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (88) for the year 2013 which provides for the obligation of all state ministries and purchased products and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals exclusively, and the implementation of the customs tariff laws and protect the national product and consumer protection.

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Jaafari: Iraq will exceed the exceptional circumstance

Jaafari: Iraq will exceed the exceptional circumstance

Iraqi Foreign Minister confirms that international efforts in support of Iraq in its war against Daash evidence of his diplomatic success in humanitarian buildup.

BAGHDAD Ahmed Saadi

Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said that his country would exceed the exceptional circumstances faced by the efforts of the military forces and the popular crowd and unite the political forces in the face of terrorism.

And that international efforts in support of Iraq in its war against Daash guide on Iraqi diplomatic success in humanitarian rallying to help Iraq.

A statement published by the website of the Iraqi Foreign Minister that “al-Jaafari met with the Russian ambassador in Iraq Murgunov Elijah, and discussed with him the overall issues in the political arena, and security in Iraq, bilateral relations and mechanisms of activating joint cooperation between the two countries.”

Jaafari stressed that: “Iraq is looking forward to establish better relations with the advanced countries of the world, to benefit from their expertise in all areas,” Remarkably, the “support of Iraq in its war against Daash terrorist gangs international efforts and is evidence of the Iraqi diplomatic success in humanitarian rallying to help Iraq in the elimination of terrorism. “

He stressed that Iraq will exceed the exceptional circumstances faced by the efforts of the military forces and the popular crowd and unite political forces.

Nechirvan Barzani meets with KR parliament


Erbil (AIN) -The Prime Minister of Kurdistan Regional Government, Najervan Barzani has arrived to Kurdistan parliament building to discuss some issues and files that concern the region.

The correspondent of All Iraq News Agency said on Monday “The visit of the Kurdistan PM to parliament aims at discussing and explaining several issues especially those pertaining to oil and investment sectors.” /End/

Shaways discuss with World Bank delegation finance quality projects and confirms: government is serious about achieving political stability

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Search Rose Nuri Shaways, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the State Economic Commission today with a delegation from the World Bank, who is visiting Iraq is currently the economic situation in Iraq and ways to finance them.
A statement by the Office of Shaways received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, “it was discussed during the meeting, the subject of the implementation of the cooperation with Iraq strategy and support the development process after the formation of the new Iraqi government in order to implement this strategy on the basis of the Iraqi priorities and take advantage of the World Bank’s experience in the world of work with countries emerging from crises and wars. “
The Deputy Prime Minister, according to the statement “on the issue of the need to create an internal political stability and take advantage of the positive atmosphere surrounding the formation of the new government and push the process further understandings and political consensus down to the security and political stability of the firm,” adding that “the government is serious in traffic in this area.”
The statement pointed out that “the two sides stressed on identifying some of the projects that the World Bank can be financed with the importance of choosing quality projects so that there will be concrete achievements on the ground to win the confidence of citizens and rebuild the trust between the citizen and the government.”
He also touched on the Deputy Prime Minister and a delegation of the World Bank “to the importance of the private sector and its role in the development process and the need for the private sector to be serious and a real partner with the public sector, and must be the development of this sector to be able to take real and serious role in the overall process of sustainable development.”
The Intergovernmental Economic Commission announced last Thursday that it has taken many of the economic and financial decisions that will boost the economy, investment and development forward for the service of the public interest “. Without that describes what these decisions and nature.
The visit coincides World Bank delegation to Iraq with the Iraqi government warnings of a lack of financial liquidity may portend the future to bankrupt the state treasury with the decline in world oil prices, according to what he said Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi.
He said Abdul-Mahdi hosted in 30 of the last month’s hearing “no need for Iraq to foreign debt because of his resources equivalent to the budgets of four neighboring Arab countries, but the problem is the fact that the unilateral Iraqi economy depends on oil, which imposes on everyone to understand that the issue continue this way will lead to bankruptcy. “
For his part, Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari during the same meeting that “the withdrawal of the observed from the Development Fund for Iraq reserves during 2012 and 2013 affected economically and consequent financial commitments to a number of decisions and laws on compensation and the ration card and electrical projects.”
Zebari added that “the amount of required deficit financing 21 trillion dinars, which Maittalb adoption of new styles, including the imposition of taxes on some luxury goods or communications.”
The finance minister said, “There are several proposals, including the agreement with the central bank to reduce the reserve to 7 instead of 15% and a Trade Bank of Iraq to grant the Ministry of Finance a loan of $ 3 billion and the issuance of securities, which means that the fiscal deficit by about 5 trillion dinars,” pointing at the same time “there was a real crisis in the financial liquidity but to call an end to bankruptcy in the presence of about 77 billion dollars in the fiscal reserve of the Central Bank has not been touched,” .

Australia to send new trainers to Baghdad and confirms that “nobody will be able to fight passionately for Iraq is the Iraqis themselves.”

Australian troops
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Announced Australia, Monday, for sending a new group of special forces to Baghdad to advise the Iraqi armed forces in the fight against (Daash), who announced the “war on the world must respond to it strongly,” asserting that “no one will be able to fight passionately for Iraq is the Iraqis themselves, “while the US administration has renewed its support for the Iraqis to confront” terrorism “, and invite them because” fend for themselves “.

This came in a media statement of the President of the Australian government, Tony Abbott, in the wake of a meeting with US President Barack Obama, at the summit of Economic Cooperation forum, the Asia-Pacific (APEC) summit, held in the Chinese capital Beijing now, according to what seen by the (long-Presse).

Abbott said, “The group of Australian special forces moved in to Iraq to provide assistance and advice to the armed forces in the fight against al Daash.”

The Australian government has sent 200 members of the special forces of Iraq, in September, where we stayed in the United Arab Emirates, several weeks waiting for the approval of the Iraqi government, in turn, to begin “non-combat” in the country.

The President of the Australian government, to “organize Daash terrorist declared war on the world is necessary, respond to it strongly,” noting that “the US President Obama, to make a good effort through his work with Baghdad to form a strong alliance to prop up the Iraqi forces and enable effective response to Daash and restore the land dominated by “.

Abbott stressed the need to “respond forcefully to Daash,” adding that “what the coalition led by the United States.”

Australian official explained, “The priority now is to send special forces to Baghdad and then transferred to the field to carry out their mission, which is to provide advice and assistance to Iraqi forces,” and expressed “confidence in the ability of Australian troops to do a good job in Iraq.”

And saw the head of the Australian government, that “no one will be able to fight passionately for Iraq is the Iraqis themselves,” he continued, “we help them to recover what was raped by organizing Daash them, because that organization if they threatened to leave the Sasaibna all.”

Australian channel quoted President Barack Obama as saying that the leaders of the countries also Tbagesoa in what can be offered more than to fight Daash.

To that channel quoted ABC TV Australia, for the US president, Barack Obama, saying, according to what seen by the (long-Presse), said that “I have talks with Australian officials and other partners in the coalition who carried out originally pledges to send trainers to Iraq, to ​​see what can be present them, “stressing that” the main point underscored by during my meeting with the Prime Minister of Australia, and Aakdha for the rest of the members of the coalition countries, is that our mission is to help the Iraqis to fend for themselves. “

The President of the Iraqi government, Haider al-Abadi, said in more than one occasion, that (Daash) “does not pose a threat to Iraq by, but on the whole region and the world.”

The Iraqi government had promised last Saturday, (the eighth of November 2014 present), the International Alliance of approval to send more trainers and military equipment to Iraq, “step in the right context and that came late,” While confirmed that the arming of the tribes should be done before “exclusively” within the system of the popular crowd, and under the supervision of the Iraqi security forces, stressed that it “will not allow” any weapon outside the framework of the state.

Iraq demanded that the United States and the rest of the world, assist in addressing the “terrorist organization” by “drain its resources”, and their need to provide the armed forces of the equipment, as well as air support.

Hundreds of employees of Wasit texture organize a sit-in to demand an open, regardless of their salaries


[Wasit – Wayne]

Systems of hundreds of employees of Textile Industries Company in Wasit province, on Monday, amid an open sit-Kut district center to demand their salaries and give them the functional benefits currently stalled.

A reporter for the agency all of Iraq [where] that about more than three thousand workers of Wasit texture staff, organized this open sit amid Mohammed Qasim Street in front of the fabric building the link road Cote – Baghdad, “noting that they are” baptized to cut the road to traffic for the claim regardless salaries that did not get it three months ago.

Said one of the organizers of the sit-Taher edict, “the protesters are demanding an immediate resolve the issue of re-adoption of the salaries of the self-financing to central funding, as it was previously, and the failure to adopt the principle of credit to the company that caused the cut salaries by banks under the pretext of lack of financial liquidity”, as well as “Claim to activate the process of supply and promotion of products Kut fabric circles State company, and not to rely on what the main imported from abroad, especially in favor of the slate and the defense and interior ministries and municipal departments.”

He pointed out that the Darraji “sit-in will remain open and will resort sitters to cut the main road link between Kut and Baghdad until tomorrow to respond to the demands of the protesters.”

On his part, said the parliamentary committee territories member Mohammed Hori’s [Wayne], he “listened to the demands of textile employees, which was handed over to the local government and received a copy written them,” explaining that “these demands the right project and will seek lifting it to the concerned authorities in the federal government and the Parliament to find solutions appropriate for these protesters and to consider the circumstances of the company, which has become useless, by not activating the nature of their work now, “.anthy 80

Apache aircraft and US military experts arrive to Anbar

American military advisers experts

Said a security official in Anbar province, on Monday, announced the arrival of a number of US Apache helicopters with a delegation of 180 military expert appointed to Assad base west of Anbar.

He said the commander of emergency regiment hand Baghdadi Colonel Shaaban Barzan al-Obeidi said that “a number of US Apache helicopters arrived before noon today, the eye-Assad base in hand-Baghdadi spend Hit west of Ramadi on top of a high-level US military delegation comprising 180 experts in the field of military training.”

Baghdadi said that “the US military delegation met during the first few minutes of his arrival with a number of security leaders in the Iraqi army and police to discuss the training of security agents to fight state regulation.”

For his part, a security source from inside the base, that “these advisers will be working to coordinate between the Iraqi military units on the ground and flight international coalition bombed organization sites, in addition to providing military plans and consulting during military operations by editing the cities of Anbar.”

US President Barack Obama, said in a television interview via a US channels, earlier in the day, that the war, which Tencha America and the international coalition against the “Islamic state” in Iraq .. entered a new phase of repelling attacks and defense to attack and launch air strikes .

It is noteworthy that the organization (the Islamic State) controls large areas of Anbar province, and the provincial council recently called for the support of American ground forces to regain control.

Defense Minister discuss with Obama envoy security developments in Iraq

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Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Search Defense Minister Khalid tired Obeidi, on Monday, with the envoy of US President Brett Mcgork security developments in Iraq .

The Ministry of Defense said in a statement, “Alsumaria News” received a copy of it, “al-Obeidi, received in his office today, envoy of US President Barack Obama’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Middle East Affairs Brett Mcgork.”

She added that “were discussed during the meeting on the latest security developments in Iraq.”

US President Barack Obama said, on Sunday (November 9, 2014), doubling the number of US military advisers in Iraq represents a new phase in the campaign against al ” Daash . “

Defense announces the delivery of large amounts of aid to displaced families Jebel Sinjar

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Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Announced that the Department of Defense , Monday, for the delivery of large amounts of humanitarian aid to displaced families in Jabal Sinjar .
The ministry said in a statement: “Alsumaria News” received a copy of it, “the heroine Air Force planes brought large amounts of humanitarian aid to displaced families in Jabal Sinjar.”

The statement added that “this aid included various foodstuffs and materials and health needs is essential.”
It is noteworthy that the organization ” Daash “spread in the district of Sinjar, west of Mosul , and laid siege to hundreds of Yazidi families, abducted while thousands of them, especially the girls.

Mladenov of Arabic: There is a positive development in Iraq in the fight against terrorism with the progress in national reconciliation

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Secretary-General of the Arab League Nabil Elaraby received Monday, Nikolay Mladenov Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to Iraq, who is currently visiting Cairo.

Iraqi Ambassador Fadhil Jawad, Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs of the Arab League, “said the envoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations presented during the meeting, a presentation of the situation in Iraq, especially on the level of security, and stressed that there is a positive development in the fight against terrorism, especially al Daash terrorist, in addition to achieving progress in national reconciliation after the formation of the new government headed by Haidar al-Abadi. “

Jawad said in remarks to reporters today that “the envoy of the Secretary-General spoke about the financial crisis in Iraq because Baghdad bear the burden of the war on terrorism.”

He pointed out that “the Secretary-General of the Arab League said during the meeting, the university support for Iraq, as the Secretary-General said the visit by the Arab ministerial delegation headed by Kuwait, the current president of the summit was a clear message support for Iraq, and the emphasis on the continuation of this support.”

Said Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs of the Arab League, said that “the meeting also touched on the field of the situation in Iraq, where he served in the Iraqi army control on some sites and achieve victories on the ground to meet the organization Daash happened.”

The United Nations representative in Iraq, Nikolay Mladenov has arrived in Cairo yesterday’s visit to Egypt where he will meet a number of officials to discuss the latest developments in the region, especially the situation in Iraq and its impact on the course of events in the region Arabh.anthy