Minister: Zebari Commission will report on the budget during today’s cabinet meeting

Minister: Zebari Commission will report on the budget during today's cabinet meeting

BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

While Deputy for the Kurdistan Alliance said that the Parliament of the region wants to host the Federal Minister of Finance to discuss financial problems with Baghdad, said Minister in the government of Haider al-Abadi said in charge of the development budget, which is headed by Hoshyar Zebari Committee, will present its final report during the cabinet meeting on Tuesday, where the most prominent tasks related calculates the actual expenditures and identify deficits and austerity proposals.

The total revenue and expenditure for the first seven months of this year, At another era Nuri al-Maliki shows that Iraq has spent all the amounts derived from the export of oil, even though he did not pay the Kurdistan dues nor the amounts allocated to Basra petrodollars, nor most of the financial obligations of the provinces which fell to Daash.
He says Environment Minister Qutaiba al-Jubouri, in an interview with the “long” that the State Committee headed by Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari to prepare a draft budget for 2014, did not end its work in trying to address the large deficit by reducing the size of the expenditure. “
Jubouri He continues that “the Ministry of Finance in the process of submitting the draft federal budget law for 2014 to the Cabinet for a vote and then send it to the Parliament as soon as possible.” Indicating that the government is supposed to submit its final report the Commission to the Council of Ministers on Tuesday, to discuss and take a final decision by referring to the House of Representatives. “
The Minister of Finance of the Federal Hoshyar Zebari had said earlier that the ministry will speed up the completion of 2014 budget and send it to the Cabinet for approval soon, “adding that he would work to complete the preparation of the 2015 budget, after the adoption of the budget for the current year, in order to prevent delays in the budget next year.” .
And on the preparation of the draft general budget law in 2015, the minister explains that “all ministries currently embarked on the preparation of their budgets own, which includes projects and expenditures conjecture for next year,” adding that these budgets will be sent to the Ministries of Finance and Planning for the preparation of the general budget for 2015. “
He points out that “the ministries have not finished drafting their budgets and therefore there are currently no discussions about next year’s budget, but all our focus is on how to address the deficit and spending 2014 budget year.” It is noteworthy that “the problems between the KRG and the federal government, which relate to the export of oil issues yet to be resolved in the budget year 2014 because of the large deficit, which reached 21 trillion dinars,” noting that “the deficit ratio prompted the Cabinet to reduce expenses and projects included in the draft budget.” . And asserts that “the big deficit problem did not give the opportunity to the Council of Ministers to discuss the Kurdistan oil problems with the federal government and resolve” probable deportation differences Erbil and Baghdad to 2015 budget year. “Turn revealed the Finance Committee member Ahmed Hama Rasheed that Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari will be hosted in the Kurdistan Region Parliament to discuss the draft federal budget for 2015 Act. “
Rashid says in an interview with the “long” that the Iraqi economy will see a big drop in the budget year 2015 due to the large deficit in the budget year 2014, “expected delay in adoption of the next budget because of the deficit problem.”
Global oil prices are facing a significant decrease of between 80 to 85 dollars for a barrel of oil after it was up to nearly US $ 120 per barrel during the past few months.
He continues Kurdish MP said: “If there is compatibility with the KRG on oil exports will contribute to reducing the large deficit gap in the 2014 budget year.”
He adds that “the budget year 2014 will be a special condition, but what count in the 2015 budget is to resolve differences and integrated drastically because there are good intentions by both parties to resolve the outstanding problems.”
It is expected that the Council of Ministers to discuss the 2015 budget year, the end of this month, hoping to submit it to the House of Representatives upon the completion of them. “
The chairman of the government, “Haider al-Abadi,” recently, that his government had discussed the issue of the federal budget for 2014 three times, and will provide a cash budget to the House of Representatives, representing the amounts disbursed by the government since the beginning of this year, with military spending, “pointing out that” 2015 budget will be based on the current year’s budget, because the current problems will continue in the coming year, the province of Kirkuk, where oil wells stopped, as well as lower prices for a barrel of oil dramatically to below $ 90 per barrel. “
Abadi added that “the Council of Ministers decided to follow the policy of austerity in unnecessary expenses, and we will continue with this policy, because we can not confine the military effort and salaries and basic services to citizens.

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