Electrodes Abadi calls for the implementation of the rights and the paper presented by the Alliance of Iraqi forces


09-11-2014 03:27 PM

Solution –
A member of the parliamentary bloc solution Almndobh in the Union of Iraqi forces, Ahmed electrodes, that national reconciliation can not be achieved conferences and speeches, but the courage and take bold positions Iraq supreme interest above all Maaadaha decisions.

Massari said in a press statement that ‘the most important guarantees of achieving reconciliation, the implementation of the paper presented by the rights of the Iraqi forces to the coalition government, which has adopted the program, which did not translate any of them on the ground so far.’

The student member bloc solution parliament, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi expedite the ‘send a general amnesty and the National Guard and the abolition of the accountability and justice laws, to the House of Representatives for approval, including establishing to create a solid base to achieve genuine national reconciliation based on the foundations of a sound fixed return of Iraqis protection and eliminate the heads of discord and division which Iraqis want evil ‘.

And carrying electrodes, political sectarians and owners agendas suspicious, the responsibility for not achieving reconciliation so far, noting that ‘the real obstacle to the achievement of reconciliation, so far, are some of the beneficiaries politicians of this anomaly and those who are working to continue to achieve selfish interests and goals suspicious on the blood of Iraqis and their security and sovereignty Account and the future of their generations. ‘


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