Securities: economic conditions and more signed on citizen security and a new system of income in the trading operations


Chairman of the Securities Commission Abdul Razzaq al-Saadi

08/11/2014 13:42

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad:
The head of the Securities Commission Abdul cyanosis Saadi, Saturday, that the economic conditions more impact than the security conditions on the citizen, revealed that while a new system to enter the trading process in Iraq Stock Exchange.

He said al-Saadi’s “Tomorrow’s Press,” “The security conditions do not greatly affect the Iraqis are more than economic conditions, delayed budget and low oil prices, all of these indicators are worrisome deterioration of the Iraqi economy if it does not find a suitable solutions.”

“The recent security conditions are not directly affected by the trading operations in the Iraq Stock Exchange with evidence that index trading operations in all its aspects in mounting either low Asar stocks and height at different times can not measure it in general on the work of the securities market.”

He said al-Saadi “The Securities and Market Iraq Securities Commission seeking dramatically in order to find the best opportunities for investors in the securities market by providing sophisticated and modern atmosphere of the world and keep pace,

pointing out that since the beginning of last Sunday began to work effectively in the securities market and the system of electronic talk and sophisticated. ”

He said al-Saadi said, “and before about five years was Iraq Stock Exchange operates electronic trading Horizon system and since Sunday we started working the new electronic trading system,

X-stream being more electronic trading systems advanced in the world as well as being a high flexibility and performance of advanced and meets the needs of the market growing.

And back to work in the stock market in Iraq to the early nineties of the last century, and was dubbed the Baghdad Stock Exchange, which was run by the Iraqi Ministry of Finance at the time the name,

and after 2003 the Iraqi Stock Exchange closed but she returned and opened its doors again after the issuance of Law 74 for the year 2004 under the market name Iraq Stock Exchange, and run by the Securities Commission.…A%D8%A9-%D8%A7

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