Iraq calls for America to contribute to securing permanent stability, freedom and economic prosperity

Long-Presse / Baghdad
New Iraq, Saturday, confidence to “roll back” the organization (Daash), which constitutes a threat to the region and the world as well, and while he hoped to remain in world oil prices above the rate of $ 75 per barrel in order to ensure not affected by international companies and producing countries at the same time, he stressed that many opportunities for American companies in Iraq, particularly that the Iraqis want to see the role of the US “for the benefit of them by securing stability and Enduring Freedom as well as economic prosperity.”
This came during a meeting with the Iraqi ambassador in Washington, Luqman Philly, members of the American Chamber – Arab common Houston trade, according to the newspaper Houston Bzenz Journal, Houston Business Journal, and seen by the (long-Presse).
The ambassador said, that “Iraq will be victorious on the threat of regulation Daash In the end, though Houston companies can play an effective role in Iraq’s reconstruction and development”, noting that “everyone knew that Daash have become a threat to the region and the world.”
Philly warned, that “everyone will be a loser if you do not cooperate to eliminate this terrorist organization,” returned to “eliminate Daash will not be final unless it is to identify the root causes of evolution and treatment.”
In the axis of his speech to the members of the Chamber, Ambassador, that “Iraqis are determined to increase oil production and hope that prices remain above the rate of $ 75 a barrel,” adding that “the drop in oil price to below this will affect negatively not only on Iraq alone, but also on companies Oil in Houston as well as other Almnthin. ”
Philly added, that “Iraq wants more cooperation within OPEC to secure a stable world market production rates,” noting that “many opportunities for companies and Houston American peers to contribute to the stability and development of Iraq about the mutual benefit of all.”
The Ambassador pointed out, that “Iraq seeks partnership benefiting him and US companies,” and added that “the Iraqis want to see the role of the US for the benefit them by providing stability and Enduring Freedom as well as economic prosperity.”
It is noteworthy that the prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, stressed repeatedly during the last term, including during his visit in Jordan, (26 October 2014), the risk of “terrorism” on the countries of the region and the world.
Also, more than one US official, including President Barack Obama, confirmed that there is a consensus in the region and the entire world, that (Daash) threatens international peace and security, stressing the need to “put an end to”


2 thoughts on “Iraq calls for America to contribute to securing permanent stability, freedom and economic prosperity

  1. Here’s an interesting article…didn’t one of our gurus (RK or TLAR or …) say that O was negotiating with the expenses of the campaign…if they will slow down the RV then the US will pay for the bombing/anti-ISIS campaign?

    Abadi Office exclude government to bear the expenses of foreign trainers or survival for years

    Saturday 0.08 2 October / November 2014 21:06



    Exclude the office of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi government to bear the expenses of foreign coaches who will arrive in Iraq to train security forces and the Peshmerga.

    Saad al-Hadithi spokesman Abadi’s office in a press statement on Saturday that “the United States knows that Iraq is going through a financial crisis and there is pressure on the budget due to lower world oil prices, so we believe it will appreciate this aspect of the government to pay these costs.”

    He added that the newborn “trained combat duties would be” unlikely survival for years in Iraq. ”

    The White House announced on Friday that “US President Barack Obama agreed to send 1,500 more military to Iraq to train Iraqi forces and Kurdish Peshmerga to fight al Daash.”

    And this number has almost doubled the number of US soldiers in Iraq currently existing 1400 military as announced US Department of Defense [Pentagon] to send a “surge came at the request of the Iraqi government and will open up new training centers and one of them in Anbar province” to Avcth that “the first batch of these troops will arrive in Iraq this month. ”

    Said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby yesterday that “Washington will work with the international coalition countries to train 12 Iraqi army battalion and the Peshmerga forces,” noting “there are countries of the international coalition will participate in the training mission and Denmark agreed to provide 130 coaches and other members of the alliance will join this We task will not only be pro bono, but it includes the Iraqi government and this also applies to the financial side in this regard. ”

    For his part, the Office of Management and Budget in the White House, said that “the administration will ask Congress for $ 5.6 billion for operations in Iraq and Syria, including 1.6 billion for a new fund to train and equip the Iraqi army.”

    It is said that Iraq announced earlier refusal to pay any amounts against the international coalition air raids against Daash sites.

    He said Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, hosted by the parliament session in 16 of the last month, that “Iraq will not pay any amount of international coalition bombing Daash,” adding that “the cost of military operations will be the responsibility of participating in the air campaign states because Iraq is not ready to pay any expenses “ended



  2. Thanks Ralph and DBYH. Don’t it just make you want to slap ’em…. Closest to riches country around, and they sit on their hands (only to be used for shoe throwing)….They were suppposed to be a Donor country this year (2014)….. and because “Iraq is not ready to pay any expenses”…..
    Give me a break.!!!…
    Maybe we should just sit back, and let ISIS take over…. At least they are moving ahead with their currency reform….lol
    Seriously though,….They do NOTHING (very little) for 11 yrs, … let Islam back in their country,… Now they DEMAND that the world help,…pay for the privilege ourslves……And, Oh By the Way……”don’t step (no boots) on our Iraqi soil”…..
    Sorry for the rant……But, I will promise MY BOOTS will never be on their soil….


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