The government recognizes the establishment of a body «national balance»

8/11/2014 0:00

Continue preparations for a national reconciliation conference
Baghdad, Alaa al-Tai
The government plans to set up the National Commission for the balance that will provide an opportunity to find an effective representation and Mtozan ingredients in each community, as well as creating a special committee matter supportive of the Commission’s work and coordinated, according to government spokesman revealed d. Saad al-Hadithi “morning”.
A newborn: “The government adopts the principle of achieving balance in the state’s institutions and to ensure fair representation of all components and create climates and ceilings legal action those under the umbrella of the law from the reality of reducing the kegs terrorism and trapping thought extremism and the removal of social, political and economic reasons as much as to be a military action positive results.” .
“The government and within its approved the creation of an national balance allows to find an effective balance to the representation of all components of society, as the Council of Ministers decided to form a committee in addition to the previous committees to direct its integrated and coordination with them and adopt the mechanism of action in the sharing of positions in accordance with the principle of balance to create satisfaction for all of the components.” .
In addition, newborn stressed that the government continues its efforts to hold a national conference of reconciliation by taking a series of political decisions and laws and social events actions from proactive preliminary to hold the conference, noting that the conference is part of the government program and agreements blocs under which the government was formed.
He said government spokesman said the government consider into consideration to national reconciliation and prepared a basic foundation for re-Iraqi national unity to stand against “Daash” terrorist gangs and expulsion from their presence and thwart their plans areas.
Newborn and pointed out that the timing of the reconciliation conference will not be soon, attributing it to the need for a preliminary proactive measures need to prepare them under advisement until the conference does not have a record is added to the figures and conferences previously held without achieving any results of the series, indicating that the government is trying to make breakthrough Iraqi factions to unite through dialogue.
“The configuration of the conference taking place for weeks to find a suitable for the success of his goals ground have also been taken procedural steps and decisions made in the curriculum and the general framework of the Conference and the implementation of social events and meetings reconciliation and openness and vision to build the provinces and address for” Daash, “explaining that those steps come to complement previous efforts and need time to accomplish.
And between the newborn to the meetings that the Prime Minister held separately with delegations and representatives of the provincial and tribal leaders and political figures and leaders of the Iraqi components are part of the government’s movement to prepare for a reconciliation conference, noting that such meetings do not eliminate the need to hold an expanded meeting of the political blocs representing Iraq’s components and clans, which represents an extension Community diversity.
He explained that the mechanism of action and forms a special host will work and coordination to implement to create views and ideas that are being put forward later, indicating that these preparations make the theme of the conference soon ordered unexpected as it is necessary to ensure a suitable ground for the contract and prepare him well.
Newborn and pointed out that the war experienced by the country and the battles against terrorism conditions may preclude the presence of some of the personalities and representatives from the provinces and clerics and tribal leaders, which makes the question of participation in the conference “extremely difficult,” adding, “However, despite the complexity of the atmosphere, but the desire exist and constitute one of the main orientations of the prime minister and the main pillars of its work. ”

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