Reports: Team hunt for bin Laden and al-Baghdadi haunt $ 25 million in exchange for his head

Twilight News / Iraqi military is responsible for the arrival of the US team, which was charged with the killing or arrest of former al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, the members, to Iraq to track down the leader of the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Daash revealed.

altReports quoted a military official, who holds the rank of Brigadier General in the Presidency of the Army Staff that the number of team members 16 officers US 7 elements arrived them to Baghdad, and began to collect information and the establishment of an extensive database as well as recruiting local Iraqis from tribal members and citizens in the areas where the organization Daash .

The official noted that it is expected the arrival of others, according to leaks obtained by army troops.

He added, these works “within a circle isolated from the American and the Iraqi army, and they have three visits to locations outside Baghdad since their arrival last week to Iraq.”

It describes the Iraqi official members of the team as “proficient in the Arabic language fluently, and took from the former governor’s residence civil American in Iraq, Paul Bremer, based in the southern part of the Green Zone, on the Tigris River, and asked the charge of the military forces secured Green Zone no objection personalities who Iksdonhm at the headquarters of their presence, and to facilitate the entry process without being searched or questioned, Like entrants into the Green Zone since the establishment of the United States in 2003 “.

This coincided with the arrival of the team with the officer revealed, that “the Iraqi intelligence service to monitor the amount of $ 25 million compared to the head of al-Baghdadi.”

On the other hand, is still fired on the al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden is unknown, given the conflicting statements of the members of the special forces team of US Navy which bin Laden was killed in his hideout in Pakistan in May 2011.

And published by the Washington Post American novel on Thursday, citing a previous Onal- Rob elements of Special Operations team his claim that he fired the bullet that killed bin Laden in his forehead after he burst into the room in bin Laden’s house in Abbottabad.

However, a source close to another member of the Special Operations Team O’Neill refute the claim, the source said team member told him that the fatal bullet fired by one of two other men entered the room before O’Neill.

The newspaper said that O’Neill acknowledged that bin Laden was shot from the others at least two of the team including members Bisonat Matt, a former member of strongly elite and who wrote a book in 2012 about the attack that bin Laden targeted titled “It’s not an easy day,” but the book did not identify the person who opened fire on bin Laden.


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