After a week of their arrival .. Peshmerga weaken the blockade “Daash” Kobani

Twilight News / Kurdish Peshmerga forces weakened the siege imposed on the Syrian border town of Kobani, but not after a week of arriving laden with heavy weapons and fighters they broke in an attempt to save the city from the organization of the Islamic State “Daash.”

altKobanî became a test of the ability of US-led coalition to stop the advance of “Daash.” The border city is one of the few areas in Syria alliance that can coordinate between the air raids and operations by ground forces.

The arrival of the Peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq which is equipped with armored vehicles and artillery, has enabled the defenders of the town of bombed sites “Daash” about Kobanî and regain control of some villages.

But the front lines in the city itself has not changed much in terms of what the eastern part of which is still under the control of militant fighters, while the West is still largely under the control and protection units of the Syrian people and Kurdish fighters allied with them.

Said Rami Abdul-Rahman, director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, based in Britain, “Thereis no change at all in Kobanî result of the arrival of the Peshmerga. It may have been wrest control of the street or streets and then lost again, and so on.”

He told Reuters seen by “Twilight News”: “sites of the Islamic State fortified well in the city Kobanî says Kurds they need more heavy weapons to make a gap .. There is also a need for coordination between Kurdish units and air forces of the alliance.”

He added that the suicide attacks by the militant group also prove effective.

Kobanî Peshmerga forces entered in more than 12 trucks and SUV last Friday coming from Turkey and cheered and waved victory signs.

And received the Kurds of Turkey and the Kurdish Peshmerga Syrians refugees hero’s welcome after forces angered Ankara’s refusal to send Turkish troops to Kobanî and lined up in the streets, carrying flags and Kurdish Peshmerga felt optimistic the ability to turn the tide of fighting.

She explained the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq from the outset that the Peshmerga fighters and affiliates, which numbered about 150 fighters will not directly engage in battles Kobanî but will provide artillery support for Syrian Kurds.

Idriss said sleepy, a local official in Kobanî telephone “presence of the Peshmerga was useful of course because they are bombing the Islamic state sites and destroying its fighters and weapons.”

He added, “Thanks to the bombing of the Peshmerga stopped offering organize Islamic state in western rural areas and the eastern line of the south-eastern front of the city.”

Fierce fighting erupted in the days following the arrival of the Peshmerga, where heavy shelling and firing occurred almost constant fire with Peshmerga fighters and forces helped moderate opposition groups in Syria and protection units to expel Kurdish people Daash of some surrounding villages.

The sleepy and said “constant bombardment” of the Peshmerga forces spent part of Daash ability to attack and that there was good coordination between the Kurdish and Syrian army units and free fighters moderate opposition.

Reuters reported that the intensity of the shelling decreased since then, and there was no apparent change in the front lines of the city itself.

A sleepy “brings the organization of the Islamic State of new fighters and supplies all the time, so we need new fighters and supplies, too.” He said that the terrorists took over the organization of nine tanks in an attack on a gas field in central Syria poet and they take them to Kobanî.

He added, “So we need greater coordination with coalition forces and more heavy weapons, especially anti-tank weapons and other weapons to deal with guns and rockets and mortar shells that they have.”

Despite the strategic importance Kobanî Limited has become a powerful symbol in the fight against terrorists Daash who took control of large areas in Iraq, Syria, and declared a state of succession.

The battle intensified near the borders of Turkey. Raised Ankara’s reluctance to assist the Syrian Kurdish city riots between Kurds Turkey last month, killing 40 people.


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