The financial crisis and efforts to convene a national reconciliation conference top the attention of today’s newspapers

06-11-2014 12:24 PM
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Dealt issued in Baghdad newspapers Thursday the sixth of October morning, two days after the cessation of the breasts holiday tenth of Muharram in the post, political issues, economic and security are different, the most prominent theme of the financial crisis, and national reconciliation.
On the subject of the budget and the financial crisis, the newspaper / Orient / she said that the government pledged to send the final accounts for the year during the current week.Quoted the head of the interim parliamentary Finance Committee MP Magda al-Tamimi, saying, that he «has so far not been resolved current year’s budget, but the government has promised to send the final accounts for the year this week, maximum, to include the size of the expenditure and revenue for each month of the past few months to be approved in the Parliament. »
She added: «The grades for 2014 will leave to the next year’s budget, considering that the current year budget is a financial exchange».
Showed that «in light of the figures obtained by the parliamentary committee so far that it expects a budget deficit for the current year 20%». And suggested that the planned budget deficit rate after the reduction, about 27 trillion and 611 billion dinars.
For its part, the newspaper quoted / Zora / issued by the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, for the parliamentary finance committee member Abdul Khaliq Jabbar as saying: ‘The 2014 budget will be just Lists Babviac and revenue provided by the government to parliament for them.’
He added: ‘The doors of the other budget rolled over to the next year’s budget because of the inability to approve the budget of the current year, which we are in the end’, adding: ‘The deficit, which is found in the current year budget of $ 21 billion and $ 16 billion taken from the Treasury while remained actual deficit only 5 billion ‘.
He pointed out: that the grades and salary scale will be deported to the budget in 2015, at the request of the Ministry of Finance in order to reduce the existing deficit in the 2014 budget.
He said a member of the Finance Committee that the government has promised to present next year’s budget to the Cabinet during the current month, to send in the next month. As quoted legal expert Tareq Harb as saying: ‘It is not approving the budget is a violation of constitutionally jointly by more than one point, including the government, parliament and the Kurdistan region, and all of them bear the responsibility before the people’.
Newspaper / citizen / cared accusing Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Iraqi leaders, former and current mismanagement and poor planning and failure to communicate with the only people who can defeat Daash, they are the sons of Sunni tribes.
Zebari was quoted as saying: ‘It is wasteful spending by the government to fight against Daash, which included more than a billion dollars, undermine efforts to maintain the country’.
Zebari said: ‘It is part of the economic and financial problem is spending on the military and the People’s Committees and the contracts, without proper planning, in addition to spending on volunteers’.
As for the theme of national reconciliation, the newspaper / Constitution / talked about a broad reconciliation conference scheduled to be held later this month.
And she / Constitution / Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is unremitting endeavors to ensure the success of the conference, through the provision of new initiatives with a code of honor and active presence of international organizations Kgamah Arab and United Nations and the Organization of the Islamic Action.
It quoted a senior source as prime minister as saying: ‘that the conference did not come Bammer US Gulf, but a political consensus government, to restore hope in the street that the political process is an alternative to armed action.

The source added: ‘The majority of consenting to participate in the conference are religious figures and tribal and politically influential exhibitions in the street, and most of them reside in Jordan, Turkey, Kurdistan and various Arab countries.’
He pointed out that high-level leaders in the National Alliance are conducting contacts with politicians and tribal leaders from all walks of life to speed up the holding of this conference after the positive outcome of the meeting with a number of Abadi sheikhs of Anbar, Salahuddin and Nineveh last week.


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