President Masum calls on people to benefit from the experiences in South Africa and Ireland on reconciliation

06/11/2014 19:38:00
Erbil / NINA / President Fuad Masum said on Thursday that reconciliation is not a goal but a means to peace, which is an important necessity.

He said in his speech in “the Middle East forum for dialogue and reconciliation” today that unfortunately, reconciliation was formerly a recruitment mission to visit some provinces and meet some of the tribal leaders and staff, then it ends.

He added that “all the world is interested in supporting Iraq in the face of the IS organization, and even countries that did not participate the international alliance against terrorism interested in helping Iraq, but we as Iraqis, are we ready for this confrontation? adding I think we have not yet reached this level because of a old divisions and sensitivities.

The president called to “reconsider some of the laws and procedures,” and urged people to take advantage of the experiences in South Africa and Ireland. / End

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