Abadi: facing a financial problem and seek to remove the army from cities and hope to agree on oil region

Abadi and Mahavdan

(Independent) .. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi detect seek the Iraqi government to remove the army from the cities and the handover of security in the Interior Ministry, confirmed the existence of a financial problem in the country, pointing out that there is a great opportunity to improve imports by increasing production and the agreement on the issue of the province of Kurdistan oil .

The Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in a statement received by the (independent) said Thursday that “Abadi presided over the Supreme Commission for coordination between the governorates not organized province meeting attended by governors and heads of provincial councils and deputy ministers, to discuss the focus of security cooperation between the provinces and the affairs of displaced people,” stressing that “the end of the meeting is a success of the provinces and the work of building healthy relationships with the federal government to achieve the supreme interest of the country, and the provision of services and infrastructure development. “

Abadi added that the “war against terrorism should not prevent us from providing services to citizens and to support farmers and encourage investment and get the economy moving, especially projects that stimulate the economy and provide jobs for the citizens,” adding that “the financial problem that we face are caused by an increase in consumer spending and other reasons related to the fall in revenues oil production as well as low prices. “

Abadi said that “there is a great opportunity to improve through increased imports and production agreement on the issue of the Kurdistan region’s oil,” pointing out that “the priority to support the armed forces and the resolution of the war against terrorism and to achieve victory.”

Abadi said that the government aims “to remove the army from cities and delivery of the Security Ministry of the Interior, and the local and federal police are to be the basis for the future to maintain security,” stressing that “you must create a sophisticated local security system to the provinces, are able to establish security and stability and the fight against organized crime.”

It is noteworthy that global oil prices continue falling from more than a hundred dollars to below 88 per barrel, due to an oversupply and slowing demand growth and the rise of the US currency, as the price of Brent has fallen more than 20 percent since last June when he was near $ 116 a barrel, supported by unrest in Iraq. (End)


Iraqi president calls for national reconciliation

Iraqi president calls for national reconciliation

Fuad Masum, says that Iraq is in need for a meeting between the various political parties, for national reconciliation, which paves the civil peace.
Erbil – called Iraqi President, Fuad Masum, Thursday, to national reconciliation and pave the way for the achievement of civil peace in the country is suffering from a raging attack to organize “Daash” a large part of its territory, since June last year.

Masum said during a speech at the crossroads of the Middle East for dialogue and reconciliation in Erbil, capital of the region of northern Iraq: “Iraq needs to meet the various political parties, for national reconciliation, which paves the civil peace,” following up “to be a full agreement by the basic state institutions To do so “.

Infallible and stressed that “civil peace is the basis for reconciliation.”

With regard to the ongoing months since the war in the north and east and west of the country against “Daash,” the Iraqi president said that “the countries of the world interested in helping Iraq in its war against Daash although not yet participate effectively on the ground”, in reference to the restriction of air strikes leveled by alliance an international organization against targets, mainly in the city of Mosul in the north, and not extended to all areas where there are organized.

The first was launched in Erbil on Tuesday evening, the Middle East Forum for reconciliation and dialogue in the region, with the participation of representatives from more than 10 countries, in addition to political leaders, intellectuals, and is scheduled to conclude today.

Waging an international coalition, led by the United States, air raids on sites for “Daash”, which controls large areas in neighboring Iraq and Syria, announced last June the establishment of what he called the “Caliphate State”, and is credited with cutting hostage heads and commit bloody right violations minorities.

Nosard Messenger: differences between Baghdad and Erbil will end soon and visit infallible broke the deadlock


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06/11/2014 12:49
Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: Description of the MP for the National Union of Kurdistan Nawzad Messenger, on Thursday, visiting President of the Republic Fuad Masum, the Kurdistan region and meetings as the leaders of the Kurds contributed to break the deadlock that gripped the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil, likely ending the differences between the parties in the near future.
Said Kurdish lawmaker in a statement received “tomorrow Press”, “The visit infallible President of the Kurdistan region and a series of meetings he held in Sulaimaniya and Arbil with Kurdish parties and government figures in the region’s leaders have contributed greatly to break the deadlock that gripped the relationship between the center and the region in the last period.” .
He pointed out that “the return of the dialogue is much better than the continuation of the rupture that occurred at the time of the previous government.”
“The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan played an important role in opening the doors of dialogue between the center and the region by visiting high-level delegation headed by First Deputy Secretary-General of the National Union Rasool and the official body operating in the Union Mullah Bakhtiar of the Political Bureau and a number of party members to the capital Baghdad and their meeting with leaders of the Shiite parties and Sunni, as it contributed to these efforts and tireless efforts in the convergence of views between the two sides. ”
He was the messenger for “hope that you find the outstanding way the files to the solution in the near future.”
It is noteworthy that the relations between Baghdad and Erbil began to take the positive aspects, especially after mutual visits and meetings between politicians of both parties, while the country at this time needs to be everyone’s efforts under occupation Aldoaash several areas in Iraq. ”


The financial crisis and efforts to convene a national reconciliation conference top the attention of today’s newspapers

06-11-2014 12:24 PM
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Dealt issued in Baghdad newspapers Thursday the sixth of October morning, two days after the cessation of the breasts holiday tenth of Muharram in the post, political issues, economic and security are different, the most prominent theme of the financial crisis, and national reconciliation.
On the subject of the budget and the financial crisis, the newspaper / Orient / she said that the government pledged to send the final accounts for the year during the current week.Quoted the head of the interim parliamentary Finance Committee MP Magda al-Tamimi, saying, that he «has so far not been resolved current year’s budget, but the government has promised to send the final accounts for the year this week, maximum, to include the size of the expenditure and revenue for each month of the past few months to be approved in the Parliament. »
She added: «The grades for 2014 will leave to the next year’s budget, considering that the current year budget is a financial exchange».
Showed that «in light of the figures obtained by the parliamentary committee so far that it expects a budget deficit for the current year 20%». And suggested that the planned budget deficit rate after the reduction, about 27 trillion and 611 billion dinars.
For its part, the newspaper quoted / Zora / issued by the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, for the parliamentary finance committee member Abdul Khaliq Jabbar as saying: ‘The 2014 budget will be just Lists Babviac and revenue provided by the government to parliament for them.’
He added: ‘The doors of the other budget rolled over to the next year’s budget because of the inability to approve the budget of the current year, which we are in the end’, adding: ‘The deficit, which is found in the current year budget of $ 21 billion and $ 16 billion taken from the Treasury while remained actual deficit only 5 billion ‘.
He pointed out: that the grades and salary scale will be deported to the budget in 2015, at the request of the Ministry of Finance in order to reduce the existing deficit in the 2014 budget.
He said a member of the Finance Committee that the government has promised to present next year’s budget to the Cabinet during the current month, to send in the next month. As quoted legal expert Tareq Harb as saying: ‘It is not approving the budget is a violation of constitutionally jointly by more than one point, including the government, parliament and the Kurdistan region, and all of them bear the responsibility before the people’.
Newspaper / citizen / cared accusing Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Iraqi leaders, former and current mismanagement and poor planning and failure to communicate with the only people who can defeat Daash, they are the sons of Sunni tribes.
Zebari was quoted as saying: ‘It is wasteful spending by the government to fight against Daash, which included more than a billion dollars, undermine efforts to maintain the country’.
Zebari said: ‘It is part of the economic and financial problem is spending on the military and the People’s Committees and the contracts, without proper planning, in addition to spending on volunteers’.
As for the theme of national reconciliation, the newspaper / Constitution / talked about a broad reconciliation conference scheduled to be held later this month.
And she / Constitution / Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is unremitting endeavors to ensure the success of the conference, through the provision of new initiatives with a code of honor and active presence of international organizations Kgamah Arab and United Nations and the Organization of the Islamic Action.
It quoted a senior source as prime minister as saying: ‘that the conference did not come Bammer US Gulf, but a political consensus government, to restore hope in the street that the political process is an alternative to armed action.

The source added: ‘The majority of consenting to participate in the conference are religious figures and tribal and politically influential exhibitions in the street, and most of them reside in Jordan, Turkey, Kurdistan and various Arab countries.’
He pointed out that high-level leaders in the National Alliance are conducting contacts with politicians and tribal leaders from all walks of life to speed up the holding of this conference after the positive outcome of the meeting with a number of Abadi sheikhs of Anbar, Salahuddin and Nineveh last week.


Barzani Meets British Defense Minister in Arbil

06/11/2014 09:46:00

BAGHDAD / NINA / Head of the Kurdistan government, Nechirvan Barzani discussed, in Arbil with the British defense minister, Michael Fallon, the current field conditions and the situation on the battlefield and confront terrorists.

A statement by the Kurdistan Regional Government said “the two sides reviewed the successes and needs of the Peshmerga forces and heavy weapons, ammunition and other military needs in order to achieve more victories in the war against terrorists of the (IS), which pose a threat to the entire world.

The statement added, “they discussed the situation refugees and displaced in the region, and they confirmed the need to raise the ceiling of donations and assistance to them, especially as the winter season may start, which increases the difficulty of the conditions for these refugees and displaced .

The statement noted that “the two sides addressed the problems and obstacles in relationship between Erbil and Baghdad, where British defense minister said his country would provide all forms of support to address the outstanding issues between the two sides, hoping to address all the problems so that the two sides focused on the main problem, which is ending terrorism and terrorists./ End


House Speaker In Arbil

06/11/2014 11:18:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri arrived in Arbil to participate at the Middle East’s forum for dialogue and reconciliation.

A statement for the Information Office of the President of the House of Representatives cited today that “al-Jubouri will deliver a speech during the dialogue and reconciliation’s session scheduled today.”

The work of the conference was launched on Tuesday , 4 Oct in the city of Arbil and lasts three days. / End


Defensive: 2015 budget up to Parliament before the end of this year

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) – A member of a coalition of state
Taha defense law, on Thursday, said the government is determined to prepare a budget formula in
2015 and sent to the House of Representatives before the end of this year, among the
The budget for the year 2014 bonds will not see any differences within parliament.

The defense’s (IMN), that “the financial planning in addition to stakeholders
In the House of Representatives is currently engaged in the preparation of the federal budget for 2015
And sent to the House of Representatives before the end of the current year to the Council can approve
As soon as possible. ”

Slack said that “the final accounts for the current year, which will come to Council
Representatives in the form of bonds is the reality of the money that has been spent, and the money obtained
Add to Agr realistic for the current year. “Noting that” Agr according to data
Preliminary to the Ministry of Finance is about 20 trillion dinars. ”

And because of political differences in the previous parliament did not recognize the federal budget
For the current year was the adoption of bills of exchange as an alternative to reality if the budget until
House of Representatives agree on a mechanism for approval.

From: Haidar al-Tamimi Open: Muhammad Saleem


Brett Makگorگ: we fortify Baghdad

[12:08] 14 / Nov / 06

Erbil, November 6 / Noڤmbr (PNA) – Brett Makگorگ, deputy envoy of US President said the international coalition against the terrorist organization Daash International efforts proved futile so far.
He explained Makگorگ told CNN station: “If you look at where he was Daash in June and how the organization was down from the valley of the Tigris to the south and threaten the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, in addition to its operations in the Euphrates valley down to Baghdad also .. now we have to fortify the capital and Iraqi forces now stands at Payment mode to a higher valley of the Tigris and the restoration of land they dramatically, especially in the Kurdistan Region. ”

He added: “What is happening now is the presence of a large military operations of the Iraqi army in the north to the Baiji refinery, which has been under siege since June last .. there are about 150 of the Iraqi special forces and other soldiers as well as members of tribes and militias were able to repel many to organize major attacks Daash for months. ”

He added: “What I can say is that we and every time we have coordinated with local forces were able to successfully defeat al Daash.”

– See more at: http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&prev=search&rurl=translate.google.com&sandbox=0&sl=ar&u=http://www.peyamner.com/Arabic/PNAnews.aspx%3FID%3D349345&usg=ALkJrhhSVHStpn-AgVScUBjomeNJTotoQg#sthash.YKHwqLD4.dpuf

Iraqi Prime Minister is considering sending the Kurdistan Region’s share of the federal budget


Twilight News Agency reported that a spokesman for the Iraqi prime minister said that the ongoing dialogues on sending the Kurdistan Region’s share of the federal budget, which is suffering from an economic crisis caused by not sending Ochehr.ccant Baghdad since the federal government has cut the region’s share of the state budget since the beginning of the current year because of disagreements on the export of oil from this region Kordstan.ooda government in a financial crisis worsened with the influx of hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing from the oppression of Daash and military operations in the north and west of the country.

The agency said that the Kurdistan Region 17% of Iraq’s budget but says he receives less than this percentage, after the Federal Government to deduct expenses sovereign of the ratio Almzkorh.olm acknowledges Iraq this year’s budget, which is nearing completion because of political differences on the clauses and the worsening violence.

A tributary Jabouri media spokesman for the head of the Iraqi government’s “Twilight News”, the Council of Ministers held a meeting today and it is hoped discuss the budget with Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari.

The media talked about the Kurdish-Abadi told Zebari during the two days before the meeting not to send the Kurdistan budget. However, the Jabouri denied knowledge of the existence of such a meeting. He said that an official position on the budget has not yet crystallized. “We are awaiting the completion of the talks.”