Nosard Messenger: differences between Baghdad and Erbil will end soon and visit infallible broke the deadlock


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06/11/2014 12:49
Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: Description of the MP for the National Union of Kurdistan Nawzad Messenger, on Thursday, visiting President of the Republic Fuad Masum, the Kurdistan region and meetings as the leaders of the Kurds contributed to break the deadlock that gripped the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil, likely ending the differences between the parties in the near future.
Said Kurdish lawmaker in a statement received “tomorrow Press”, “The visit infallible President of the Kurdistan region and a series of meetings he held in Sulaimaniya and Arbil with Kurdish parties and government figures in the region’s leaders have contributed greatly to break the deadlock that gripped the relationship between the center and the region in the last period.” .
He pointed out that “the return of the dialogue is much better than the continuation of the rupture that occurred at the time of the previous government.”
“The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan played an important role in opening the doors of dialogue between the center and the region by visiting high-level delegation headed by First Deputy Secretary-General of the National Union Rasool and the official body operating in the Union Mullah Bakhtiar of the Political Bureau and a number of party members to the capital Baghdad and their meeting with leaders of the Shiite parties and Sunni, as it contributed to these efforts and tireless efforts in the convergence of views between the two sides. ”
He was the messenger for “hope that you find the outstanding way the files to the solution in the near future.”
It is noteworthy that the relations between Baghdad and Erbil began to take the positive aspects, especially after mutual visits and meetings between politicians of both parties, while the country at this time needs to be everyone’s efforts under occupation Aldoaash several areas in Iraq. ”


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