Naji: the government’s actions in organizing the reconciliation conference “good”

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) – confirmed Reconciliation Commission and a member of the parliamentary accountability Mohammed Naji, that there are good procedures Thrzha federal government in organizing a national reconciliation conference for all Iraqi spectra to society.

Said Nagy’s (IMN) “There is a concerted effort by government agencies can be expressed as the beginning of the proceedings of national reconciliation.” Stressing that it “did not specify the date when this regard.”

He explained, “We want to organize a conference gives real dividends in the overall national reconciliation.”

He continued that “the Committee believes that the country needs in this period of national reconciliation to start a new page and end the existence of gangs Daash incitements.”

The Chancellor confirmed the head of the House of Representatives for national reconciliation and unity Jumaili, a step that the three presidencies and the heads of political blocs to hold meetings to achieve national reconciliation, support for new legislation to achieve this goal.

From: Mustafa al-Araji, the Open: Yusuf al-Hassani
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