Brett Makگorگ: we fortify Baghdad

[12:08] 14 / Nov / 06

Erbil, November 6 / Noڤmbr (PNA) – Brett Makگorگ, deputy envoy of US President said the international coalition against the terrorist organization Daash International efforts proved futile so far.
He explained Makگorگ told CNN station: “If you look at where he was Daash in June and how the organization was down from the valley of the Tigris to the south and threaten the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, in addition to its operations in the Euphrates valley down to Baghdad also .. now we have to fortify the capital and Iraqi forces now stands at Payment mode to a higher valley of the Tigris and the restoration of land they dramatically, especially in the Kurdistan Region. ”

He added: “What is happening now is the presence of a large military operations of the Iraqi army in the north to the Baiji refinery, which has been under siege since June last .. there are about 150 of the Iraqi special forces and other soldiers as well as members of tribes and militias were able to repel many to organize major attacks Daash for months. ”

He added: “What I can say is that we and every time we have coordinated with local forces were able to successfully defeat al Daash.”

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