Abadi reduces checkpoints in Baghdad

العبادي يقلص السيطرات في بغداد

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced a plan to remove some checkpoints in Baghdad and other provinces and the use of intelligence effort instead.

He said in a statement he made ​​from inside the saucer-Husseini Karbala Tuesday (we want to replace all the checkpoints deployed in Baghdad and other provinces and remove some of the barriers and we use the effort of intelligence in order to facilitate the movement of citizens), confirming (the need to rely on the human and technological effort in the process of maintaining security ).

Abadi said about (the arrival of new devices to detect explosives to Baghdad will be published soon in the streets of the capital).

Indicating (that the recent victories achieved by the security forces in the cliff victory, Salahuddin and Peggy came after various state institutions cooperate). Revealing (and having a plan to liberate the city of Mosul from the control of the terrorist organization Daash). Abadi said that (the number of volunteers reached more than a million volunteers have been absorbing a few of them and can not accommodate them all).

Abadi also announced during a meeting with British Defence Secretary Michael FALLEN Iraqi forces scored major victories on Daash in the last period. Said in a statement yesterday that (Abadi received FALLEN), and (stressed that the Iraqi forces are making great victories Daash terrorist organization in various fronts and freed a lot of areas).

He Abadi (We have worked to find a climate of confidence boosted participation clans and cooperation with the armed forces), explaining that (our troops advancing steadily and we are determined to liberate all areas). For his part, congratulated FALLEN Abadi (b victories and progress of the Iraqi forces), once again (his country’s support to Iraqi forces in the areas of arming and training and backing all what you need in the fight against terrorism). To the US Department of Defense Pentagon confirmed that the air strikes, the international coalition against al Daash during the past three months in Iraq and Syria were positive.

A spokesman for the ministry said John Kirby (strikes caused a significant impact on the ability of the organization with regard to supply and supports an themselves and this does not mean completely) erase regulation. Kirby said in a statement yesterday that (hit oil refineries and assembly centers have removed millions of dollars in revenue from the reach of the organization have been targeted while driving and control centers and camps for that group training), he says.



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