Zebari: Maliki squandered billions in the last months of the war with Daash

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Finance Minister revealed that there is a lack of planning and wasteful in government spending on the military and arms contracts, during the government of Nouri al-Maliki, and that there is “wasteful” in some cases, to support the security services in the fight against terrorism forces, which is cause of wasting more than a billion dollars, as he said, stressing that this spending undermines the preservation of the country’s budget efforts. He also talked about the federal government and the government of the province are trying to reach a compromise to end their differences begin whereby the government to pay the salaries of the staff of the region and the start of negotiations on the establishment of the Kurds send oil export revenues to the state budget.

In an interview with “Reuters” accused Hoshyar Zebari, Minister of Finance, Iraqi leaders, former and current mismanagement and poor planning and failure to communicate with the only people who can defeat al (Daash) They are Sunni tribes. When fighters overran (Daash) in northern Iraq last June had not encountered little resistance from the army, which trained by the United States. The government resorted to the (militias) and volunteers, after the army suffered insult at the hands of a few hundred extremists fighters.
Zebari said, who was speaking in his office, which enumerates the challenges faced by Iraq that “part of the economic and financial problem we face is that spending on the People’s Committees and the militias, the army and the contracts.” He added: “the main areas in which the budget was spent Ptbazir among these military efforts without proper planning in addition to spending on volunteers.”
Iraqis who have joined the fight against (Daash) called them (volunteers) They include “Shiite militias” and the popular crowd, which seemed to move with impunity in the name of addressing (Daash). When asked about the money that was transferred to the militias, Zebari said: “I think that more than a billion dollars paid in the form of food, clothing, weapons and other volunteers salaries since June on the militias.”
Zebari indictment shows that the government is part of the differences of opinion among the officials that made the decisions on how to deal with (Daash) more difficult, and efforts are being made recently to narrow political differences.
Relations between the Shi’ite-led government and management of the Kurdish region in the north tense. Kurds and the Baghdad government to criticize the non-payment of staff salaries in the Kurdish regional government, while the federal government remains angry Kurdish oil exports. Zebari said the two sides are trying to prepare a compromise under which the government begins to pay salaries and to start negotiations on the establishment of the Kurds send oil export revenues to the state budget. He Zebari said spending on Iraq militias deprived of the opportunity of reconstruction after many years of war. Iraqi leader who has dealt closely with the militias is a former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, one of the more controversial figures that emerged after the US occupation. And forced the pressure from the United States and Iran, which represents a regional power, and Mr. Ali al-Sistani, the highest Shia cleric in Iraq, al-Maliki to abandon his battle to stay in power, and hung their hopes on Haider al-Abadi, who is seen as a personal conciliatory has a chance to win the support of the tribes in Anbar province , the Sunni stronghold that helped at one time the US Marine Corps to defeat al-Qaida and can convince them to attack Daash.
The Zebari has doubts, especially after the bloodshed last week when “Daash” organizing more than 300 members of the clan Albonmr executed because she resisted regional offer.
Zebari said “he is trying to communicate with the Sunni tribes but what people expect of it is deeds and not words, Fbalamkan move faster pace.” “This is the opinion because we have seen what has happened in recent times with the clan Albonmr, for example, there is an urgent need to move faster in this regard.” He was arrested “Daash” large numbers of tribesmen and executed and delivered them in mass graves, while there was no sense of salt to the situation by the government in Baghdad.
Zebari said “the government can not send supplies suitable or accessible to members of the tribe Albunmr way because the government, in fact, facing great difficulties, and the government tried to provide some air support but was limited was no biggie,” stressing that “the lines of communication lost.” He added that “many Daash blow up bridges.”
Zebari said that was formerly a foreign minister to find a way to form an alliance between the government and the Sunni tribes must be a major priority in the fight against “Daash,” noting that US air support was not enough. Zebari said “air strikes alone can not solve the problem, there is a need for the presence of local forces on the ground, and that the Sunni tribes are the only that can do the job with the support of the government.”
Zebari was more optimistic appeared on Baghdad, which would be the biggest prize fighters “Daash” who threatened the progress towards the capital.
He said that “Daash” no longer represents a threat to the capital, but acknowledged that the organization has many sleeper cells and supporters and there is a constant and the supply of suicide bombers, most of them foreigners.
And is expected to continue the fight against “Daash” for a long time and that the budget is exhausted in the long term despite the fact that Iraq’s oil-producing countries are members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.
Government to provide 2014 budget to parliament but has not been able promised details of expenditure at a later date.
Zebari said “promise that for 2015, we must offer an appropriate budget for the country.”
Zebari said the bottom line is that Iraq can not move forward until the defeat “Daash.” He said that “Daash have a clear plan of action, and it wants to establish and strengthen the rule of succession,” adding that “no country can not develop in the presence of light (Daash) in several provinces.”


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