The private sector contributes to increase the value of the dinar

BAGHDAD Mustafa al-Hashemi, many wonder about the reasons for not rising purchasing power of the dinar years ago and so far, despite having a good cover of gold and foreign currency as well as high-oil exports as well as improve its exchange rate against the dollar, when the continued improvement in the exchange rate with the salary increase Fsnsal to the stage does not commensurate with the productivity of the economy calls for the support of the private sector and grant privileges equivalent to the public sector privileges in terms of the wage rate. In this context, sees economic academic Dr. Majid Baidhani importance of finding a balance between this equation by increasing the productivity of the individual to achieve the increase in incomes, explaining that the productivity of the individual factor comes through the activation and projects of the private sector in productive sectors such as agriculture and Alsnaah.oadav told (morning): It is necessary to achieve financial revenues through the creation of jobs and employment opportunities in the private sector and make it a par with government employees privileges that contribute significantly to the revival of the booming economy , having to rely on the oil industry to activate those opportunities. He stressed that the central bank was able through the implementation of a successful fiscal policies in recent years have contributed a lot in the stability of the market and this has resulted in its role regarding the improvement of the exchange rate, and went on to say: Here comes the role of government and the competent authorities to complete drawing this picture by providing focused support to the private sector and the implementation of the government program, which stressed the importance in advancing the country’s economy forward. Stressing that the most successful monetary policy is to maintain the stability of the exchange rate provided increased Alantegeh.oasmah IMF to countries with economies in transition to implement currency controls in order to stabilize the economy during the reconstruction phase and this is what served as the local economy over the past years. He Baidhani that Iraq now has the expertise and economic efficiencies in homes experienced enough for taking the lead and initiate self-reliance for the development of the economy through the reform development programs and policies that fit this stage the application. He pointed to the possibility of Iraq to see a decline in items imported country other goods and services that can be provided locally When oil exports rise, indicating that it is an urgent necessity, especially that the country is entering a high volume of exports of V.odaa Baidhani at the conclusion of his speech to the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar and increase their purchasing power because of its profound impact on the development of economic reality and the granting of currency extra strength enhance confidence between Currency markets in the world, especially that covered the dinar reserve cash for sizeable enough.


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