Speaker meets with MoD


Baghdad (AIN) -The parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri assured the need to search for new methods in combating terrorism.

A statement by Jobouri’s office received by AIN “Speaker Jobouri met with the defense ministry, Khalid al-Obaidi, at the building of the ministry where they observed the latest security developments and the running of the military operations, commending the efforts of the ministry in this regard.”
The statement qouted Jobouri as saying “The foreign air strikes cannot settle the war, so we need to find a new methods in facing the enemy.” /End/

Anbar tribes announce the formation of the alliance credited clan to fight “Daash”

Wednesday, November 5, 2014 19:24

Anbar tribes announce the formation of the alliance credited clan to fight "Daash"

Anbar / Baghdadi News / .. announced Anbar tribes, Wednesday, for the formation of an alliance to fight the credit tribal organization “Daash” in the province.

Said Sheikh Mohammed al-Dulaimi, a reporter / Baghdadi News / “The tribes agreed during the conference, which was held in the Council of Anbar province, building on the formation of an alliance of the sons of the tribes called” coalition credited clan “to fight al (Daash), which controls most of the cities of the province,” pointing to “This alliance includes 40 clan in Anbar.”

“The meeting stressed the need for the government to support this alliance with weapons and gear to be able to cleanse Anbar control of insurgents.”

It is noteworthy that Anbar province, the center of Ramadi, (110 km west of Baghdad) witness, since (21 December 2013) a military operation to hunt down the organization “Daash”, following the spread of militant organization in large parts of the Mahafezh.anthy 8 / j


Parliamentary Energy announces the arrival of the amended version of the law of oil and gas to the parliament

  • Agency eighth day
  • November 5, 2014, 11:24

Baghdad _ ((eighth day))

Announced that the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, Wednesday, for the arrival of the amended version of the oil and gas law to the House of Representatives, as revealed the existence of some differences on the new law.

The committee member said Razak Mheibes in a press statement that “the Council of Ministers sent a revised version of the oil and gas law to the House of Representatives,” noting that “the law arrived in Parliament last week.”

Mheibes explained that the “firsts Committee to study the law and passed in the House of Representatives,” pointing to “the existence of four points on the controversial law, and the Commission will work to resolve these differences to pass the law as soon as possible.”

The student body Mheibes Presidency of the Council of Representatives to “send the law to the Committee for consideration and discussion, in preparation for inclusion on the agenda of the Council and read and approved.”


Parliamentary Finance: Relay grades and salary scale in the 2014 budget to next year

BAGHDAD / newspaper rectitude –He said in the parliamentary finance committee member, said the grades and salary scale will be deported to the 2015 budget.

And between Jabbar al-Abadi in a press statement that “deported to the next year’s budget was based on a request by the Ministry of Finance in order to reduce the existing deficit in the budget of 2014 According to the Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, hosted by the Council of Representatives last session.”

Abadi and predicted the arrival of 2014 budget to the House of Representatives on the data form during the month to be approved in the parliament sessions. “The Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari said in a press statement that “wasteful spending by the government on its fight against al Daash included more than a billion dollars on security file.”

Government to provide 2014 budget to parliament but has not been able promised details of expenditure at a later date.

The Ministry of Finance announced last Monday that the high-level delegation from the World Bank will visit Baghdad soon.

According to a ministry statement received (newspaper rectitude) a copy of the “Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari met at the headquarters of the ministry,
Robert presence of the Special Representative of the World Bank in Iraq During the meeting,

they discussed cooperation between the government and the World Bank relations and the intention of the bank to send a high-level delegation to Baghdad in the near future “.
The visit coincides World Bank delegation to Iraq with the Iraqi government warnings of a lack of financial liquidity may portend the future to bankrupt the state treasury with the decline in world oil prices,

according to what he said Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi during hosted in Parliament Thursday Almadi


Parliament agrees to cancel the 2014 budget transfers grades and salary scale for 2015

Wednesday, November 2 / November 05, 2014 08:22

Twilight News /
said Member of Parliament for Diyala province Nahida Daini, on Wednesday, the parliament agreed to cancel the budget in 2014 and the redeployment of the salary scale and grades and increases salaries of social welfare allocations to the budget in 2015,

asserting that the 2014 budget will be presented in the form of bonds for amounts that were paid year ongoing.

And Daini said
in an interview with “Twilight News”, that the 2014 budget will include the exchange of the amounts the popular crowd and buy weapons salaries and granting displaced Lucite prepared by the Council of Ministers for a vote by Parliament bonds,

confirming the absence 2014 budget of investment projects, with the exception of the important projects that have been agreed upon between the provincial councils and the Ministry of Planning.

She added that the Parliament decided to reduce Alaivadat for 2015 to address the 2014 budget, which amounts to about $ 65 billion deficit,

noting that a specialized committee in the Council of Ministers was able to reduce the deficit to 5 percent over the cancellation of some of the doors, which included 2014 budget.

Daini revealed for political moves to ease the financial differences between the government of Kurdistan and the federal government, calling on the government of Kurdistan to make some concessions to ease the passage of the federal budget.

She said Parliament granted the Kurdistan Alliance presidency of the oil and gas as well as take over the leadership of the Islamic Supreme Council Adel Abdul Mahdi,

oil bag in an effort to end the disputes and financial problems between the oil and the government of Kurdistan and the federal government.

She hoped to pass next year’s budget early in advance that I take it the “mine” as witnessed in last year’s budget and the cause of political disagreements delayed approval by Parliament.

And caused the differences and problems between Kurdistan and the federal government’s failure the previous parliament in approving the 2014 budget.

The most prominent of the dispute between the government of Kurdistan and the federal government axes not include the benefits of oil companies operating in the region

and not the cumulative benefits of the Peshmerga forces the government has not paid in seven years, amounting to 7 trillion dinars inclusion.


Finance Committee discusses 2014 budget November 5, 2014

Finance Committee held a meeting on Wednesday, 29/10/2014, headed by MP Magda Tamimi (Head of age) and the presence of members of the committee and its advisers. During the meeting,

they discussed a number of topics listed on the agenda, including the books contained to the Committee of the ministries and other government departments on the draft 2014 budget and investment projects included in the law.

The meeting agreed on the withdrawal of the customs tariff law and its inclusion on the agenda of the next meeting of the study and in the presence of general customs director,

hosting and planning minister to talk to him about some listed in the budget of 2014 investment projects and hosting executives in the finance and planning ministries.

And an invitation to Mr. Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and managers of a bank Rafidain and Rasheed to hold a meeting next week and an invitation to host the Tax Free Zone Director and representatives of the Federal Office of Financial Supervision.http://www.parliament.iq/details.aspx?id=23423&AlwType=Pre

Reports: drop in oil prices due to increased production in the North Atlantic and lower global demand

November 5, 2014

“NBK” the Bank said that “oil prices have fallen more than 27 percent since June (last June) to their lowest level in four years, as a result of the decline in global demand and increased production in the basin of the North Atlantic Ocean.”

He added in his report that “the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) will hold a meeting on November 27 (November) to discuss the strategy and goals of production,” especially that “discussions several currently revolve around the factors that caused the recession market and negative effects that you may encounter exporting countries in the field of financial sustainability, the center of the large increase in both current spending and investment. “
The report predicted that “be for this decline in oil prices had a positive impact for countries importing oil in particular for the global economy in general, as it is supposed to result in a drop in oil prices by $ 10 per barrel to convert approximately 0.5 percent of the global GDP of exporting countries oil to importing countries and by increasing purchasing power and then in consumer spending. “
He predicted that “the global economy is witnessing a further decline in the savings rate of $ 660 billion annually, which would renew the growth of activity next year the global economy.”
The report pointed out that “Brent saw a decline of $ 32 per barrel, representing 27.6 percent, to $ 83.5 a barrel by October (October) since it reached its highest level in June at $ 115 a barrel when the security risks to oil production Iraqi greatest.
And on the global demand for oil, the report said that “the growth of the global economy slowed during the first half of this year, as the decline in GDP of Japan and Germany in the second quarter,” explaining that “the IMF has successively cut its forecast for global economic growth recently to reach 3.3 percent, while the year 2015 witnessed the expectations of some improvement at 3.5 percent. “
The report added that “as a result of the reflection of economic growth and decline in the demand for petroleum products the growth of the International Energy Agency for the fourth consecutive month cut its forecast for global oil demand by 600 thousand barrels per day during the current year, and by 300 thousand barrels per day next year, as the agency estimated growth World oil demand by 700 thousand barrels a day to reach 92.4 million barrels per day during the current year and 1.1 million barrels a day to reach 93.5 million barrels per day over the next year. “
The report considered that “oil markets are also affected by the surplus in the light crude oil production is sweet in the basin of the North Atlantic Ocean, and came this surplus as a result of the production of countries from outside the organization (OPEC), especially the United States, which has seen a strong increase in non-traditional products rock such as oil, which in turn led to raise production to its highest level in 28 years to 8.5 million barrels per day during July. “
The report predicted that “bringing the total US production of liquids by 1.2 million barrels per day next year, as the surplus in Light, sweet crude in the United States in decline in supply operations from its suppliers regulars such as Algeria, Angola and Nigeria estimated more than 50 percent during the last ten years has contributed” .
The report considered that the developments in the markets impose pressure on the organization (OPEC), which you may need to cut production below the official current level (31 million barrels per day) increased by 7.1 million barrels per day over the next year to be able to cope with falling demand and support prices, noting that it is unclear what if (OPEC) intends to carry out those cuts or she has the ability to instigate an increase in prices over a hundred dollars a barrel. He said the National Bank of Kuwait report that the Secretary-General of the Organization (OPEC) Abdullah Al-Badri suggested last month to cut production by about 500 thousand barrels per day, but that Saudi Arabia may not agree to this reduction, while the other countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the formulation of its opposition to the proposal.
The report predicted that “waiting for Saudi Arabia reduced production as a result of geopolitical conditions or as a result of the decline of shale oil production, because of the low prices that may lead to the suspension of investments as a result of ineffective,” noting that it “should be on the price to fall to less than $ 80 per barrel of shale oil is affected, and to less than $ 50 a barrel to make the biggest decline in North American production of shale oil production. “

Sending Peshmerga forces to Kobani is not violation to the sovereignty of Iraq


05/11/2014 10:06:00

BAGHDAD / NINA / The leading figure of the coalition of Kurdish blocs, former MP, Mahmoud Othman criticized objections of some politicians to send Peshmerga forces to the Syrian town of Kobani, describing it as “misplaced”.

Othman said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: “” Sending Peshmerga forces to Kobani does not affect the sovereignty of Iraq, and Iraq is supposed to encourage sending military reinforcements to Kobani, on the grounds that the final result of this subject is the fight against (IS) and eliminate it in Iraq or Syria “.

He said: “There are political voices of all the components reject outside interference in Iraq, whether to send foreign advisers or air strikes,” pointing out that “foreign military experts put conditions for their work in Iraq, and this also affects the sovereignty of Iraq. ”

He stressed that “the solution in the country comes from the existence of a genuine will of all political parties, and to make concessions among themselves with constructive cooperation.”

The Kurdistan region has sent 150 elements of the Peshmerga with medium and heavy weapons to Kobani inhabited by Kurds, via Turkey, to help repel the attack carried out by the (IS). Some lawmakers and politicians considered this measure illegal and constitutionally violation./ End


United: the nomination of the new deputies must be according to the elections

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. united coalition said, Wednesday, that the heads of the blocks that they will nominate new MPs to parliament, but according to the elections and the largest number of votes.
The leader of the coalition are united Mohammed al-Khalidi told / Baghdadi News /, that “there are many MPs become ministers in the new government headed by Haidar al-Abadi.”
He added that al-Khalidi, “the heads of blocs that they nominate new MPs by the elections largest number of votes, as well as provide efficiency in the new MP.”
It is said that many MPs become ministers in the new government headed by Haidar al-Abbadi, prompting Bactlhm to nominate other deputies instead of them .anthy 21 / T



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