British intelligence: American technology companies to facilitate the work of terrorism

BAGHDAD / Bri Center for Media Network (IMN) – Chairman of the British Intelligence said (GCHQ) Robert Hannigan, the spread of technology on a large scale and to increase social networking sites, contributed to facilitate the work of terrorist organizations and made ​​to work much harder. Blaming the US technology companies, according to the British male Alvaenicaal Times site.

Haengan said in an article written in the newspaper that “terrorists Daash communicate with each other and with the public through the use of technology and August Alwats network Twitter.” Critic, the emergence of encryption services and made ​​available to the general public by US companies, such as Apple and Google mobile apps.

The other criticism of social networking “Facebook” that enabled users from browsing unobtrusively or through the use of network “Toatrr” a browser makes persons of unknown source or place, which means that all user data is encrypted and impossible to trace the history of surfing the site, a feature allows users to browse these sites in countries that put a ban on some of those sites.

Referred to encrypt and secure communications method, revealed by WikiLeaks leaks, where Edward Snowden official website referred to it as one of the CIA’s methods, and that these suspicious activities were much bigger than people expect.

Translation: Ammar al-Kazim, the Open: Ali Al-Shammari, n: m l


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