Abadi talking about the “climate of trust” with the tribes greeted by Britain’s defense minister

Baghdad / term

Search Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Wednesday with British Defense Minister combat “Daash” organization, which controls large swathes of Iraq, stressing the promotion of “a climate of trust” with the tribes that are fighting the militant group.

And calls upon the international coalition against Daash, the Government of Iraq to speed up the Sunni tribal support pillar in the task of helping to military progress, and stipulated that Washington increase assigned to Iraq to build greater confidence between the Government of Abadi and communities in the provinces hot.
The press office announced that the last Ebadi stressed to Michael Fallon, the British defense minister, during a meeting in Baghdad, the Iraqi government’s determination “to liberate all areas” controlled by the extremist organization since last June.
Britain is involved in the air strikes carried out by an international coalition led by the United States against al “Daash sites.”
He Abadi, according to a statement his office, his government has worked “to create a climate of confidence boosted participation clans and cooperation with the armed forces”, stressing that these forces “are making big victories on the organization (Daash) terrorist in various fronts and freed a lot of areas.”
And executed the organization “Daash” During the past few days, hundreds of members of the Sunni clan Albonmr which took up arms against him in the Anbar province in western Iraq. The numbers of dead varied Albonmr according to various Iraqi sources, but it ranges from a minimum of 250, and more than 400 maximum.
Sunni tribes and are an essential part of the fight against the organization “Daash” has some arms against the organization in the areas controlled by, or Qatlth alongside government forces in other areas in order to prevent his or her control.
Fallon met, on Wednesday, Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, according to the Ministry of Defence announced in a statement received by the agency (long-Presse) a copy of it.
The Defence Ministry said in a statement that “the Defense Minister Khalid tired Obeidi met in his office, his British counterpart Michael Fallon was discussed during the meeting in the bilateral relations between the two countries.”
The statement quoted Obeidi as saying that “the visit of the British Minister of Defence is the first visit by a defense minister, and the minister gave away our congratulations on the occasion of Tsenmana Mansibna.”
He said al-Obeidi, “During the meeting, found on some of the work and plans to fight terrorism in Iraq and the provision of aid available to the British forces and the Iraqi security forces for the advancement of these forces in order to be able to fight terrorism in Iraq and eliminate them.”
For his part, pointed out the British defense minister said in the statement to “discuss security and military matters, and the activation of joint cooperation between the two countries.”


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