Immigration Minister: We will open six camps for displaced people in Dohuk during the next two weeks

6:29: 11/05/2014

Khandan – The Minister of Displacement and Migration Jassim Mohammed, the ministry’s intention to open six camps for displaced people in the province of Dohuk during the next two weeks by twenty thousand tent with basic services.

The minister said in a statement, “Khandan” received a copy of it, on the sidelines of a meeting with a delegation from the Council of Nineveh province, headed by the President of the Provincial Council Bashar Alkika, “The situation in Nineveh catastrophic and Aatsourh mind, the ministry has mobilized all its staff today for the relief of the largest number of displaced people of Nineveh and all possibilities.” , noting: “The responsibility rests with all ministries and institutions concerned, The Ministry of Oil, for example, have a responsibility to provide fuel for the displaced by bypassing the rings routine in order to save time and avoid the repercussions of the harsh winter conditions.”

The Minister of Displacement and Migration: “The Supreme Committee for the Relief and sheltering the displaced, which was formed in 07.06.2014 under Resolution No. 328, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq and the membership of other ministers and with the participation of ministries, including health, trade, excluded from some routine procedures for the purpose of providing the best and as quickly as possible for the displaced, the Supreme Committee in turn formed an executive committee and rooms operations in Kurdistan and Kirkuk province and other areas, but we in the Ministry of Displacement and Migration officials, we also as far as it comes to us. “

He said, “The ministry did not have a certified office in Dohuk, and Sulaymaniyah you do not have an office or a branch or division, and in Arbil was our representation but it is not the disaster that got the size, and we since the first day for us in the ministry relied on sending our staff out there, as The placement of some of the displaced employees and contracted with other displaced and non-displaced, as some people have volunteered to work in this area, and some provincial councils to work as a liaison between the involved committees distribution and displaced persons. “

The minister pointed out: “The first wave of displacement from Nineveh got after 10.06.2014 and the second occurred after the occupation of Chenkal and Nineveh plain areas, the first wave was lighter than the second wave, which saw the exodus of half a million people within 48 hours, and this did not happen in any country in the world. “

He added: “The one million dinars grant distribution for each family was full of difficulties, the first problem of the official archives for Bnazh, have been brothers displaced exception of Nineveh province, of the issue of the archives provided to bring two witnesses affirm the right of receipt, were all of the actions taken to facilitate transactions, and has so far been The grant is received by more than 82% of them covered. “

He continued: “As has been renting halls for the distribution of grants to the absence of any building belonging to the Federal Government to take advantage of them for this purpose, has been coordination between the provinces and Alqaúmmqamyat to make things easier.”

And: “The T_khasasatna province of Dohuk exist strongly, although it is still not a disaster the size, With regard to the tents we will open next Sunday, God willing camps to house five thousand displaced families, and by the twentieth of this month, we will open five camps to house 15 thousand families, and by our work in the ministry The share of the province of Dohuk 2000 Caravan, Caravan and dedicated thousand other donated Organization (Rwankh) two thousand Caravan, and we set aside funds for infrastructure for these caravans. “

He pointed out the minister to: “Some of the administrative and routine matters need at least twenty days to complete, and the displaced are unable to wait for a long time under the weight of winter, and the Supreme Committee delayed the completion of these things fell victim to routine procedures, as it was supposed Committee, which was formed at the beginning of the month July last to be the first work you do is contracting in mid or late July to be the camps incomplete in the month of October last, but was delayed until the month of November, has been delayed, some even a month in December, and this is a real problem we wish to find their way to the solution as soon as possible as possible. “

He stressed: “The scale of the disaster is greater than energy ministry, and the federal government were not to have the institutions to make such things so, but we believe in decentralization a leap of faith and that the person responsible must exist in the field of exercise done.”

For his part, the President of the Council of Nineveh province, members of the delegation and observations about the work of the ministry and the Supreme Committee for the Relief and sheltering displaced providers a detailed explanation about the situation of the displaced people of Nineveh and difficulties Akabdonha, expressed their readiness to support the ministry in assigning work.

Said Council President Bashar Alkika: “We as an authority and legislative oversight in the province after get directly Nineveh events followed humanitarian things that pertain to the displaced in all seriousness, and participated in alleviating the suffering of their shoulders and lead us into a lot of threads defended responsibility, and we are now in front of a new phase, and we sincerely wish to succeed in your work and in the restructuring of some important basics to the work of the ministry through the adoption of administrative decentralization, and we will help you bond and one because our goal is to provide the best that can be provided to the displaced. “

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