Presidency issued a statement officially recognizes the government functions

02/11/2014 01:53

BAGHDAD / Source News /
President of the Republic issued Fuad Masum, Sunday, Special Republican Decree appointing the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister and Council of Ministers.

According to the decree, according to a presidential statement received / Source News / copy of it, “according to the provisions of Articles / 72 / and / 76 / of the Constitution and based on Presidential Decree No. / 152 / in atheist th of last August

included assigning Haider Jawad al-Abadi, the formation of the Council of Ministers and after House of Representatives give confidence to the Iraqi government and its performance was sworn in front of him, Dr. Haider Jawad al-Abadi, head of the Council of Ministers and Dr. Saleh al-Mutlaq appointed Deputy Prime Minister and Bahaa al-Araji, Deputy Prime Minister and appointed Rose Nuri Shaways as Deputy Prime Minister.

He said the decree “to the appointment of Ibrahim al-Jaafari and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Hoshyar Zebari, Minister of Finance and Adel Abdul-Mahdi Hassan, Minister of Petroleum and Salman Ali Hassan al-Jumaili and Minister of Planning and Hussein Ibrahim Saleh al-Shahristani,

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Muhammad Iqbal Omar and Minister of Education and Muhammad Mahdi al-Bayati, Minister for Human Rights Falah Hassan Zeidan and Minister of Agriculture and Naseer Kazim Obaid al-Issawi and Minister of Industry and Minerals.

Decree set Qasim Muhammad Abdul Fahdawi Minister of Electricity and Tariq also included Ktifah Kikhany Minister of Reconstruction and Housing and Bayan Jabr, Minister of Transport and Mohammed Xiaa Sudanese Minister of Labour and Social Affairs and Adila Hammoud Hussein,

Minister for Health and Raundozi Minister of Culture and Qutaiba Ibrahim Turki al-Jubouri, the minister of environment and Haider spokesman Zamili Minister of Justice and Ahmed Abdullah al-Jubouri,

Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Provincial Affairs and Knight Joseph Jajo and Minister of Science and Technology and Abdul Hussein Abdul Redha Abtan Minister of Youth and Sports Hassan Kadhim Al-Rashed and Minister of Communications and Abdul Karim Younes Eilan minister of municipalities and Mlas Mohammed Abdul Karim Alexanzana trade minister.

He was President Fuad Masum has been officially commissioned in atheist th of August the National Alliance candidate Haider al-Abadi form a new government.

The commissioning ceremony was attended by head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari and the heads of the Liberal and the citizen and virtue blocks

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