Barzani denies deal to open the “Sumo” office in Kurdistan

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2/02 NOVEMBER 2014 18:56 P B / P P

Twilight News / denied the prime minister of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq Barzani Sunday to reach any agreement with Baghdad to open an office of the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company (SOMO) in the province of Kurdistan.


Through Barzani expressed his wishes to be reached soon between his government and the settlement of the federal government on the pending issues related to the long years since the management of the country’s oil wealth and conflict zones, and others.He said in remarks to reporters, including “Twilight News” reporter on the sidelines of decrees Rabel Castle inclusion within the World Heritage List “There is no decision to open the SOMO office in the province of Kurdistan.”

And on the financial problems, particularly relating to the province with a budget of Baghdad, Barzani said: “We participated in the spirit of the new Iraqi government to solve problems with them and we hope to have the same spiritual as well.”

The news had talked a few days ago to take Sumo decision to open an office in Kurdistan to oversee the export of oil from wells, and the province and the provincial government agreed to a condition that is personal Kurdish director.

The region began to export its oil to world markets since last May through its pipeline, which extends to the Turkish port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean.

Objects to Baghdad on it and sought to prosecute the buyers and the owner says it only right across the SOMO to export crude oil out of the country.

He says the region that the constitution allows him to develop its oil fields and export to world markets.

The region is expected to export about 400 thousand barrels per day by the end of this year from about 250 thousand barrels at this time.

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