Najafi and his brother, the governor of Nineveh Showcase with the ministers of defense and interior ways to edit Mosul

Saturday, October 2 / November 01, 2014 23:57


Vice President Osama Najafi received the Ministers of Defense and Interior, Khaled al-Obeidi, Mohammed Ghaban and discussed with them the political and security situation.

A statement by the Office of Najafi received by all of Iraq [where] that “Defense Minister reviewed during the meeting, which was attended by the province of Nineveh Ethel Nujaifi and a number of deputies of military operations carried out by the armed forces against Daash gangs, terrorist, and stressed the army’s determination, eliminating Daash in Anbar and other Iraq’s provinces, pointing to support liberalization of Nineveh camp and the need to provide all the editing requirements. “

For his part, “The Minister of the Interior standards adopted by the ministry in its work in order to debug and development, and stressed the need to restore confidence to the citizen through a clear methodology, and work to make the security man a symbol of justice and the law, not to blackmail citizens, and must achieve the police logo in the service of the people.”

Ghaban according to the statement also pointed out that “works to correct the wrong track, and to fight corruption wherever it is.”

The statement noted that “the governor of Nineveh province of Nineveh camp liberation display kits, and the steps and ways should be adopted in order to alleviate the suffering of the displaced to the Kurdistan region, and received support for his proposals and approval by the ministers of interior and defense,” according to the statement.

The statement continued that “the vice president show his vision of the security situation, and stressed that the security be returned to the right path if citizens felt that participants in the security process, and citizen support checks after feeling for justice and the rule of law, and the fight against corruption,” noting that “the corrupt does not want to achieve security and able to do so, and Iraq will not be built. If corruption continues, the corrupt and the system is synonymous terrorist system “

And cross-Najafi confident ministers security, and pointed out that “required now is to restore security, and the elimination of terrorism, law enforcement, and this is the way to build a modern state, which promotes community security services confidence, and should be on the political forces not to defend the corrupt never.”

Najafi also show the suffering of the displaced, and touched on his meetings in Erbil and Dohuk officials for relief committees and members of the Board of Nineveh province, and officials of departments, “calling” the Minister of Interior attention to open service departments sexual Kmaderiaat and civil cases, and the granting of passports without having to come to the capital, Baghdad. “

Nujaifi said that “the task now is to reduce the suffering of our people displaced, either our people in the city of Mosul has turned Daash gangs terrorist into a big prison, they are prisoners in this prison, and this is what drives us all to cooperation and cohesion in order to eliminate Daash and cleanse the homeland of their filth.” .anthy

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