dinars active trade in Kirkuk and the employee is the victim

Saturday 01 November 2014
| 17:19

Qurtas News /
Kirkuk , bankers and owners of shops Banking said in Kirkuk city province experiencing vogue small cash currency trading, as a result of delivery to maintain staff a large part of their monthly salaries monetary currencies category “250” dinars.

speaks citizens in Kirkuk that small currency trading is not new but has been active recently in Kirkuk, where he witnessed banking offices turnout remarkable to buy the dollar.

employee first victim always said one oil company staff north in Kirkuk for “Qurtas News”, “you bought the paper from the category of $ 100 compared to 130 000 dinars, of the 250 class . ”

and added, “I was forced, can not exchange this amount of salary in local markets.” Observers say Financial that banks Kirkuk are almost empty cupboards, and two months after former salaries delivery staff.

Currency traders speculate the problem is now in the currency traders, monopolize the big currencies, They buy small coins category 250 dinars to increase the normal price for the disbursement of the dollar, for every $ 100, there are 130 000 dinars from category 250, this is speculative current according to observers.

The currency traders also, deposit or switch these amounts in government banks, after selling the dollar at higher prices than specified, investigators highly profitable.

n. C, a banker in the state-owned bank said for “Qurtas News”, that “the bank has seen in the past two months, a high turnout for the deposit or switch large amounts of a class of 250 dinars.”

He said the bank “we collect big money and replaced during the sixty days past, we could not know reasons, but after our inquiry from a number of government officials who told us We have received amounts to a sum of 250 dinars category and we replace the dollar.

” fictitious profits from the pockets of citizens and said Ercan known owner banking office in Kirkuk for “Qurtas News”, he has regardless quantities big of a dollar coin, and most of the buys him are those who have the Iraqi currency of large groups, which have become rare trading.

“There is a huge demand in this period, I was surprised that most of the purchased currency has a huge Iraqi currency categories.”

The dollar in Kirkuk against the dollar. “$ 100 is equal to 121 000 dinars.”
Eyewitnesses and staff for “Qurtas News”, that “there are people who switched dollar versus a profit of at least 10 000 dinars due to the small currency switch for each $ 100 of the staff”, and from there talked about the profit exceeded the 50 million dinars in one month.

There are no accurate statistics for the number of employees in Kirkuk, but they appreciate the thousands, Fsharkp NOC alone owns 16 000 employees and come Kirkuk Police Directorate secondly about 12 000 member, while come Educational Kirkuk Thirdly, circles Other estimates dozens.


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