Barzani to Austin: Daash lost power confrontation and we will continue to support Kobanî

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Search President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, with US Central Command commander Gen. Lloyd Austin ways to support the Peshmerga forces in the war against terror Daash gangs.

A statement by the presidency of the province quoted by the agency all of Iraq [where] that “Barzani in Arbil Monday met Gen. Lloyd Austin and his accompanying delegation, which included Stuart Jones, Ambassador of the United States in Iraq, and a number of American officials.”

He added that “the two sides discussed the needs of the Peshmerga forces, and stressed the need to purge all areas of terrorists Daash, and stressed that the United States of America and the Kurdistan region will continue to provide assistance to Kobanî.”

The statement continued that “Barzani welcomed Gen. Austin and his accompanying delegation, thanked the United States and coalition military support, expressing his pleasure and steadfastly resist Kobanî City, also thanked US troops for submission influential military aid to Kobanî.”

The head of the Kurdistan region, according to the statement that “the organization has the power Daash direct confrontation, and that the will of the people of Kurdistan and the Peshmerga forces are stronger than any other time of the Kurdistan to protect and deter terrorists Daash.”

For his part, US Army Gen. Lloyd Austin said, according to the statement that “the Peshmerga forces managed on the ground to break the myth Daash, and its transformation into a defeated forces can not be stability in the battlefield,” adding that “the victories of the Peshmerga in Rabia and Zammar dissipated power Daash and he lost his morale.”

He stressed the US Central Command, “his country’s readiness to continue to provide support and air cover to the Peshmerga forces in any area where they want to make progress, or to carry out any military operation in the battle fronts.”

The statement noted that “the two sides discussed the delivery of aid to the citizens and the Peshmerga forces in the Jebel Sinjar, who are fighting the terrorist organization Daash in that region.”


The appointment of an ambassador George Qirdahi Interpol

The appointment of an ambassador George Qirdahi Interpol

01-11-2014 03:07 AM

Media appointed George Qirdahi Lebanese ambassador to the Middle East, in the Interpol international police campaign to combat organized crime, and international police announced.

He will join Qirdahi who shot to fame in Lebanon and the Arab world with the program «Who Wants One Million», to each of Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen champions of Formula One, and actors Shah Rukh Khan of India and Jackie Chan from Hong Kong, and the Argentine footballer Lionel Messi, and Juventus Italian football.

In doing so, it will be the first person Qirdahi from the Middle East who are appointed to this position. Interpol said in a statement that the role is Qirdahi «raise awareness about the various forms of the dangers of organized crime, and its impact on our daily lives.»

He was on the campaign name «Torn Buck Kraam» (the eradication of crime), which is designed to raise public awareness about the various ramifications of organized crime, drug trafficking and human trafficking, fraud and Internet crimes, to kidnapping and crimes against children and corruption in the field of sports. Crimes which are often connected with each other, and some are used to finance other criminal activities, according to Interpol.

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Matmrchaml national reconciliation to Aisttna one and Abadi plans to visit Anbar Squares of liberation

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Publication Date 01/11/2014 05:03 AM

Iraqi authorities planned to hold a national reconciliation conference in Baghdad under the auspices of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Anbar includes elders at home and abroad on the basis of national principles of faith and the promotion of development and the comprehensive national reform. And the face dilate Daash

Political sources said that al-Abadi strongly support the conference has raised the slogan success despite all the political and security conditions, regional and obstacles that have Congress provided substantive activate Iraqi national reconciliation project Nadzh.hsp Maordth Mashreq newspaper

Participants to the conference seeks to conclude and sign a final contract document real honor end the sectarian strife and work in the spirit of the national team in the face of one of the armed groups and the varied denominations and the formation of a joint armed forces to prevent potential collisions and tribal clashes and break the deadlock and hatred

Abadi and betting on achieving genuine national reconciliation in which Sunni Arab tribes, Shiite and Kurdish and Turkmen miss the opportunity to extremism and each clan would be a national program of work of the military and the security community based on the defense of the homeland

It Almentzeran Abadi eliminates the committee the current national reconciliation and replaced with higher body for national reconciliation will be its members are known for their patriotism and reputable national figures. Because he felt the failure of the current Commission and its inability to find a real climate of reconciliation as well as the inability to create a positive atmosphere to accept the idea in a lot of circles Al_khasama State Iraqi.

Information revealed that the Prime Minister will visit the province of Anbar, after the restoration of security in the province indicators and meet tribal leaders at home and abroad Capricorn to talk about ways to launch workshop reconstruction and the decision to continue with the amnesty who are still in the atmosphere of the historic opportunity granted by the Iraqi state to them

Foreign and Defense Ministers review the security situation and international efforts to support the Iraqi forces

31/10/2014 18:35:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / Foreign Minister Ibrahim Jaafari reviewed on Friday with the Minister of Defense Khalid al-Obeidi the developments in the security situation and international efforts to support the Iraqi forces.

Information Office of the Foreign Minister said that al-Jaafari met in his office in Baghdad al-Obeidi and they reviewed the developments in the security and political situations, necessary military plans to defeat the IS gangs.

Al-Jaafari and al-Obeidi, also discussed coordination with international efforts to provide air support, training, and equipping Iraqi forces, and advanced weapons, praising the progress made by the military forces and the popular crowd against the IS gangs./ End

The Iraqi Central Judo Federation to establish a training camp for the national team in Japan announced.

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BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) –

The Financial Secretary of the Union of the game Uday Tariq’s (IMN), “The Union of the game decided to set up an external training camp for the national team in preparation for the next Japan Foreign benefits.”
Tariq said, “The camp is designed to prepare our players for the championships in the best possible image, and the camp will be held in the period from 14 until 19 December next month, under the supervision of the technical owners of the national team.”
He called the Judo Federation of six coaches to participate in the set up in the Jordan International Training Course for the duration of the twenty-fifth of the month of October of this, until the ninth of the month of November next, as they spring Ibrahim Saleh and Haider Jalil Ibrahim, Dhafer Salim Habib Abdul Qadir facilitator Mohammed and Haider Khadr Hammadi and Adel Ahmed Cactus.
Referred to the Police Club scored a silver medal and two bronze medals in the Arab Championship for Judo, which recently took place in Tunisia.
From: Mushtaq Alfeli, Open: Yusuf al-Hassani

Infallible confirms the delegation from the Patriotic Union of the importance of reaching a positive resolve the problems between Baghdad and Erbil

Fri, October 31 1 / Okrudolf 2014 18:27



I keep President Fuad Masum Baghdad on Friday a high-level delegation from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, headed by Rasool Ali, deputy secretary-general of the National Union and the membership of Mullah Bakhtiar official of the Authority and working Omar Fattah and Rizgar Ali and Mohammed Khosrow Cole.

According to a presidential statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of which was “At the outset of the meeting, delegation reiterated congratulations to the infallible occasion of assuming the position of President of the Republic and wished him Muwafaqiya success permanent in accomplishing its tasks, emphasizing support for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) for the President of the Republic and the political process as a whole in Iraq.”

The statement added that “the President infallible welcomed the delegation praised the support and backing provided by the National Union and the general forces of the people in order to strengthen the efforts of the Presidency to work on the commitment to the Constitution and the development of the political process and confront the problems encountered, as well as taking into account the implementation of the agreements between the various parties, and thus contributing to the achievement of political stability and helps to security and stability. ”

President of the Republic also stressed in his speech to the delegation keen to commit to working equally between the various components, including the parties and to promote national unity, which is the same approach that was keen to abide by former President Jalal Talabani during his presidency of the Republic. “According to the statement

The statement pointed out that “it was stressed during the meeting the importance of continued efforts by everyone in order to reach agreement and solve problems in a positive way between the federal government and the Kurdistan region.”

A delegation from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) leaders had arrived on Friday in the capital Baghdad.

It is scheduled to hold a series of meetings with the delegation parties and political blocs to discuss the Iraqi number of important issues, and to discuss the situation in Iraq and Almntqh.anthy

Renewed protests demanding the trial of al-Maliki


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(Independent) .. renewed protests organized by the followers of the religious authority Sarkhi Hassani in Baghdad and other provinces, after Friday prayers, which demanded the prosecution of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the release of innocent prisoners, the reopening of offices and mosques of the reference Sarkhi.

The protesters chanted slogans demanding the trial of the cause and what they described as a “massacre” which Nalthm in Karbala, also demanded the trial of al-Maliki and Karbala governor Akil Turaihi and a number of others who have accused them of causing the incident.

These protests and not to come to responsible parties in response to the demands of the demonstrators private offering of involvement Karbala massacre to justice and the failure of the concerned authorities for the release of its obligations discharged prisoners.

It is noteworthy that supporters Sarkhi out demonstrations and protests frequent in the capital Baghdad and central and southern governorates, demanding the release of detainees and the prosecution of al-Maliki’s caused by the entry of the organization Daash terrorist to a number of areas and the arrest of a number of supporters of the reference Sarkhi unlawfully and the closure of offices and mosques in some provinces.