Kurdistan amend the date the tenth of Muharram holiday

Twilight News / Kurdistan Regional Government announced the official working hours to disable the government institutions in the province on Monday instead of Tuesday on the occasion of the tenth of Muharram.


He said government spokesman Sven Dzia responded in a statement for “Twilight News”, “We have announced that on Saturday, an official holiday for the circles in which it will be an official time, and including the tenth day of Muharram falls on 11/03/2014, so decided to Cabinet considered on Monday 11/03/2014 official holiday instead of on Tuesday, 4/11/2014. We apologize dear in the Kurdistan Region of our fans. “

“As we had announced on Tuesday, 11.4.2014 considered an official holiday in all the departments and institutions of the Government of the region, and as the day Saturday, 25/10/2014 was a public holiday on the occasion of the first day of the month of Muharram, which marks the Islamic New Year.”


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