Iraqi army regain the center of Baiji «Daash»

Publication Date: Saturday, November 1st, 2014

BAGHDAD (Union, Agencies)

Regained the Iraqi army, supported by troops «popular crowd», the center of Baiji, north-west of Tikrit, according to security sources said yesterday. Iraqi forces and groups loyal stormed her Baiji from the western and southern sides, and fought fierce battles with militants organize Daash.fa time detection Sheikh Naim Gaood a clan elders Albu Nimr, yesterday, for the establishment of the organization «Daash» the execution of 50 people from his own tribe and trapping 200 others including women and children, north of Ramadi.

A security source said early, that «the army forces and fighters of the factions of the popular crowd, backed by air cover, fought fierce battles against the elements of the organization Daash in Baiji, north of Tikrit, and were able to inflict heavy losses organization.»

The source added that «the army entered the city and the purity of the elements of the organization, and raising the Iraqi flag over the number of mosques in the neighborhoods of the judiciary».The source confirmed the presence of a large military build-up by the military forces and emergency regiments and the crowd and the popular elements of the Awakening, and expanded to launch a major offensive to retake areas seized by the organization «Daash» in the district of Al-Anbar, west of Hit. The source said, that «the crowds were stationed in hand Baghdadi controlled army regiments and emergency». The «plan of attack has been put by those present in the Ain al-Assad base in Baghdadi American advisers, which saw visiting Iraqi Minister of Defense for the field developments, and how to edit these areas of dominance Daash».

Announced Salahuddin province, police re-opening of the Directorate of Baiji Police Directorate.


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