Matmrchaml national reconciliation to Aisttna one and Abadi plans to visit Anbar Squares of liberation

/ Follow-up

Publication Date 01/11/2014 05:03 AM

Iraqi authorities planned to hold a national reconciliation conference in Baghdad under the auspices of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Anbar includes elders at home and abroad on the basis of national principles of faith and the promotion of development and the comprehensive national reform. And the face dilate Daash

Political sources said that al-Abadi strongly support the conference has raised the slogan success despite all the political and security conditions, regional and obstacles that have Congress provided substantive activate Iraqi national reconciliation project Nadzh.hsp Maordth Mashreq newspaper

Participants to the conference seeks to conclude and sign a final contract document real honor end the sectarian strife and work in the spirit of the national team in the face of one of the armed groups and the varied denominations and the formation of a joint armed forces to prevent potential collisions and tribal clashes and break the deadlock and hatred

Abadi and betting on achieving genuine national reconciliation in which Sunni Arab tribes, Shiite and Kurdish and Turkmen miss the opportunity to extremism and each clan would be a national program of work of the military and the security community based on the defense of the homeland

It Almentzeran Abadi eliminates the committee the current national reconciliation and replaced with higher body for national reconciliation will be its members are known for their patriotism and reputable national figures. Because he felt the failure of the current Commission and its inability to find a real climate of reconciliation as well as the inability to create a positive atmosphere to accept the idea in a lot of circles Al_khasama State Iraqi.

Information revealed that the Prime Minister will visit the province of Anbar, after the restoration of security in the province indicators and meet tribal leaders at home and abroad Capricorn to talk about ways to launch workshop reconstruction and the decision to continue with the amnesty who are still in the atmosphere of the historic opportunity granted by the Iraqi state to them

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