Reduce employees’ salaries!


The Iraqi government is considering reducing the salaries of the three presidencies as one of the most important government austerity plans, which will be launched during the next two months to face severe deficit in the fiscal budget. According to parliamentary and government sources, “said the ministers involved in the budget are studying seriously reduce the three presidencies salaries. And between government source said on condition of anonymity that” the ministers of finance, planning and oil and central bank governor and several other officials and financial experts working on a plan for austerity, to cope with severe disability In the budget, the potential economic crisis as a result of continued funding for military operations against al Daash. “He explained that one of the most prominent proposals on the table minister is to reduce the three presidencies of employees’ salaries, to find a reasonable liquidity in the country. For his part, stressed the Parliamentary Finance Committee member Abdul Rahman Alloizi” The existence of the meetings between the ministers concerned to study the potential austerity plan is prepared to Cabinet for approval, “pointing to the existence of a real economic crisis will be accepted on Iraq because of the drop in oil prices, and a failure to approve the financial budget for the current year. It is believed the money experts and economists significant damage in simple production cycle Iraq as a result of a failure to approve the budget, and the disruption of reconstruction and investment projects and the movement of money. The source said, “Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari suggested the preparation of a new salary scale for staff of the three presidencies, without raising the allocation of ministers, MPs and special grades” ,. He added that “all those present turned a matter of social benefits for the three presidents, ministers, and suggested that reduced the general managers and deputy ministers exclusively.” He continued, “Minister predicted that Iraq is going through a financial hardship as a result of lower oil prices, and the continued financial bleeding Iraq due to military operations.” And that the former cabinet was promising a new salary scale to the unification of the three presidencies, staff salaries, and committed by Parliament without the presidency.

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