America wants to send military advisers to Anbar

GMT 22:19 2014 Thursday, October 30th GMT 22:33 2014 Thursday, October 30th: Last Update

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Considered the Pentagon Thursday that it is necessary to send military advisers to the Americans in Anbar province in western Iraq to fight the “Islamic state”, a condition that arms Baghdad Sunni tribes.

Baghdad: militants managed to organize the “Islamic state”, deployed in Anbar province since the beginning of the year, from taking over new areas, including since June / June And assassinated 46 members of the Sunni clan Albonmr, which is battling extremist organization.

Chen and Washington, which were sent hundreds of military advisers to support Iraqi forces, raids on Islamist extremists in Anbar sites, but did not assign any consultant in this province so far.

Gen. Martin Dempsey, commander of US troops, said at a press conference in Washington, “said Iraqi forces are in a defensive position in Anbar province, and is not likely to be able to respond to a distress call Albonmr clan.” He added that for this reason, “it is necessary to expand the functions of training and advice and assistance to Anbar.”

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