Kurdistan: Abadi decided to send a batch of the Kurdistan Region’s share of the budget to Arbil

Parliament had Abadi, the ministers of finance & planning attending today and the discussion was about the 2014 & 2015 budgets.. After the session Abadi had this to say in the 1st article, Bagdad is sending 16 billion to the Kurds and said it twice, it should say 16 trillion as in dinars.. a Freudian slip?? I do know that every article about the budget it was referred to in billions of dinars and not trillions at it should be under the artificial rate that they are currently at… Just more to think about & remember they and no one else is going to tell us when and what rate we can only look for possible hints ~Street

Kurdistan: Abadi decided to send a batch of the Kurdistan Region’s share of the budget to Arbil

Deputy for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc in the House of Representatives, on Thursday, the Iraqi government is the city so far, about $ 16 billion for the Kurdistan Regional Government and she summoned the ministers of finance, oil, and planning for the current year budget report, noting that the Finance Minister said that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi decided to send the amount of the share of the region to Arbil.

And a member of the House of Representatives Ribawar Taha in an interview with the site of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, and I followed “Twilight News”, that the House meeting on Thursday, read and Iraqi Minister of Finance report all the crises faced by the general Iraqi budget for the current year, which suffers disability project.

He added that the Iraqi government and its president, Haider al-Abadi confirm all the differences with the provincial government, noting that the Iraqi government agreed to send a batch of special staff salaries in the province money.

He said the Finance Minister announced during the House of Representatives hearing that the federal government reduce the city now has about 16 billion dinars for the Kurdistan Regional Government and must be sent to them, adding that he will send a portion of the amount Rwati staff in the region as soon as possible.

The former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has issued a decree under which prevent the Federal Ministry of Finance to send the region’s share of the Iraqi general budget since the beginning of the current year against the backdrop of differences on a number of outstanding issues.

He pledged the current prime minister Haider al-Abadi resolving all disputes with the provincial government that the formation of his government two months ago, with the participation of all internalized the political blocs in the Iraqi Council of Representatives.


2nd article… Remember they have told the citizens they would get their raises after the budget was done, it looks as though someone is expecting the budget to be done shortly and announced that it is`Street

URGENT: Ministry of Municipalities announces increase the salaries of all employees of the tenth grade
Ministry of Municipalities has decided to increase the salaries of all employees of the tenth grade or below, according to years of service and his employee in departments.
The director general of the Ministry of Finance Zia al-Baghdadi’s (IMN) “The ministry pending the adoption of the budget of the House of Representatives for the implementation of this resolution.
Baghdadi and pointed out that “the decision to increase includes all ministry staff in Baghdad and the provinces without exception, provided that they are of the tenth grade or below, and depending on the service.”
And raised the Ministry of Municipalities and last month a proposal to form an opinion on them to increase the salaries of the administrative staff, and graduates of institutes.


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