Iraq: Maliki Karkh court warrant on charges of attempted killing of judge

30-10-2014 07:25 AM
Karkh district court issued a second in Iraq, a request to bring the Vice President of the Republic, the former Iraqi prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, and former secretary, Kata stapes (Abu Mujahid), to look into the complaint filed against them on charges of attempted murder, according to a source in the judiciary.
And published various websites yesterday, news undergo Maliki to influence the judiciary after the lifting of the Special Criminal Court judge, who tried the late Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein, Munir Haddad, a lawsuit against Maliki and stapes, on charges of death threats and impeding the work of the judiciary.
This is the first case brought against al-Maliki, after assuming the post of Vice President of the Republic.
And Former President of the Special Criminal Court lawsuit, Monday, to the Court of achieving Karkh against al-Maliki in his personal capacity, and the office manager, Kata Ngyeman stapes, and Maj. Gen. Jawad, commander of the brigade to protect the public, former commander of the armed forces, which prevent Haddad from entering the court and threatened to kill him.
Haddad scored in the text of the lawsuit, that the ‘stirrup prevented me from entering the court for the exercise of my business, but I refused threat stapes and Maliki and went to my work, accompanied by a detachment my own protection, and when we got to the gate of the court, stopped the officer rank of Major continued to brigade to protect the Commander in Chief of the forces Bureau armed, and asked me not to enter otherwise would be on fire on the detachment of protection, according to me that he has received orders from the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, which is headed by al-Maliki’s office. ‘
He asked Judge Haddad of an investigative judge Karkh court, recording his testimony, also called for the issuance of a warrant of arrest and investigation in the right of each of Nuri al-Maliki and Kata stapes and General Javad leading up arms in their faces, as well as the referral of the case to the competent court after the investigative procedures completed.

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