Parliament declares the names of absent sessions for 16, 17 and 18

10/26/2014 0:00

BAGHDAD – morning

House of Representatives announced the names of members absent from the sessions (16,17,18).

According to a statement issued by the information department, the deputies for session No. 16 are from the National Alliance, Ahmed Abdul-Hadi Abdul Hussain, Jawad Kadhim chopsticks Abdul Hassan Halboss Hamza Nassif, Hassan Khalati Nassif Radhi, Hassan Salim Abbas Jaber al-Rubaie, Hassan Kadhim Hassan Ali, Hassan Hamid Hassan Hadi, Khadija Valley Mirza Abdul Nabi, Messenger Radi Abu Hasna, Assi, Rashid Aboud Ibrahim Mohsen, Riad Ghali tempted Radi, honest Hamidi Ibrahim Abdullah, Sadiq Salih Mahdi Sadiq, student Shaker Azzouz Mahdi, Taha phone Mohi Mohamed, Hussain Buallak unknown, Abdulhadi Mohan Abdullah Ismail, Adnan Rmad Khrnop Obeid, Adnan Hadi Noor Ali Saeed, Ali Faisal al-Fahd al-Fayad, Ali Mohammed Sherif Mohamed Hassan, Mohammed Ali Hussein Ali al-Adeeb, Ammar al-Kazim Obaid Al-Shibli, Fatima Salman Zubari Salem, Faleh Hassan Jassim Al-Mutlaq, Abdul Hussain Abdul Rahim Mohammed Salem Mohammed Abbas Salem Mohammed, Mohammed walker Jerry Hassan, Mona Saleh Mahdi Saleh, Mona Qasim Baqer Jaber, Mowaffak Baqer Kazem Oraybeh, Hashim Radi Jabbar Abu Hadra, and are united for reform Ahmed meaning Muhammad Mutlaq, Dhafer Nazim Salman Mahmood, Aisha Ghazal Mehdi Amadan, Talal Khudair Abbas feast, Faris Abdul Aziz Mohammed Ali Taha, the pros Hamadoun Hamid Hassan, Mohammed Rican Iron Ali, and the National Coalition Hassan Khudair Abbas Hussein, Nawaf Saud Zayd Farhan, Mahmoud Daoud Salman Musa, and block unit Sons of Iraq, Saadoun Guillard hilarious accelerator, and coalition of Kurdish blocs just Abdalmamed Mohammed Nouri, Mohsen Saadoun Ahmed Saadon.oadav statement that absent from the meeting were 17 of Science of the National Alliance, Ibrahim Mohammed Ali Sea, Aziz Ahmed Salal Mohammed, Ahmed Ali Mohsen al-Turki, Hassan Hamza Halboss Nassif, Messenger Radi Abu Hasna, Assi , Sattar Jabbar Ghanem Mohsen, Abboud Wahid Aboud stubborn, Adnan Hadi Noor Ali Saeed, Ali blocker Attia Salman, Ali Mohammed Hussein Ali al-Adeeb, Ali Noor Ali Mohamed, Ali Youssef Nabi Imran, Faleh Hassan Jassim Al-Mutlaq, Firat Mohammed Abdul Hassan, Qasim Hassan Sagt, Mohammad Hamidi orbit of the universe, Mohammed walker Jerry Hassan, Mahmoud Saleh pavilion favor, and mass united reform Mohammed Nasser Daly Ahmed, Faris Abdul Aziz Mohammed Ali Taha, Talal Khudair Abbas feast, and the National Coalition longings Salem Hassan Hussein Abdullah Hassan Rashid, an outsider, and Adnan Abd Rashid Ali, and competencies gathered masses Abdul Jawad Kadhim chopsticks, and a coalition of Arab Abdulrahman Hassan Khalid Abdullah, and Civic Democratic Alliance Example Jamal Hussain Ahmed, and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Nevzat Messenger Hassan Kanba.utaba statement that the deputies for their 18th meeting on coalition National Adnan Hadi Noor Ali Said Ali Mohamed Sherif Mohamed Hassan, Mohammed Ali Hussein Ali al-Adeeb, Awad Mohammed Mohsen Radi, Abdul Hadi Abdul Hussain Ahmed, Ahmed Bahaa Hadi Jawad, Abbas Hassan Salem Jaber al-Rubaie, Zainab Arif Hussain, Muhammad Taha phone Mohi, Hussain Buallak Anonymous Fadel Fawzi Hussein tendon, Manat Schweich prolific morning, Mona Qasim Baqer Jaber, Nawal Juma and Nan Sherida, Mohammed Saadoun Hatem Sehud, Mohammed Hamza Jarallah Mohammed Hilal Hussein ATHEEB Hamad, and are united for reform, Khalid tired Yassin Hassan, Ahmed Attia Ahmed Ali Talal Khudair Abbas feast, Zafer Salman Mahmoud Nazim, and the National Coalition Ahmed Ismail Ibrahim Abdullah, Junaid Mohammed Abdul Karim Abdul Kader, Mahmoud Daoud Salman Musa, Mason Farooq Saeed Salem, Huda Mohammed Abdullah Mahdi, olive Hussein Murad Hammadi, Shaalan Abdul Jabbar Kareem Ali, Adnan Abd Rashid Ali, Hassan Khodair Abbas Hussain, Abdul Karim Mohammed Karim Abdul, Abdullah Hassan Rashid, an outsider, and the Arab coalition hope Mari Hassan Mohamed, Badr Mahmoud stallion Khalil, Sajida Mohammed Younis Abdul Karim, and combine talent and audiences Jawad Kadhim chopsticks Abdul, and Diyala identity Raad Hamid Kazim Awad, and of the unity of the people of Iraq, Saadoun Guillard hilarious accelerator, and Jemaah Islamiyah properly connecting favor of Khadr, and coalition loyalty to Inbar Adel Khamis Abdullatif al-Fadil, and a coalition of salvation Ghazi Faisal Nargis Matter, and Civic Democratic Alliance Example Jamal Hussain Ahmed, and a coalition of blocs Kurdish Mohsen Saadoun Ahmed Saadoun, and are united for reform Mohammed Nasser Ahmed, a deli, and a coalition of Iraq’s Mehdi Ahmed Hafiz.

4 thoughts on “Parliament declares the names of absent sessions for 16, 17 and 18

  1. Street wrote:

    Yea they are probably worried about being arrested.. I’m sure that there is much news that we haven’t been privy to nor have seen yet

    ~ Street


    I had not thought of that… I thought they were simply lazy. ..

    used to skating by without doing much…

    But of course…. the light bulb just went off for me, thanks, Street.

    like us…

    they probably cant understand why Maliki is still free..

    and why they are not being interogated themselves.

    ~ Blue


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