Interior Minister looking at Babylon operations rock cliff and calls for zero tolerance with Daash and eliminate them

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Search Interior Minister Salem Ghaban with security chiefs in the province of Babylon, where he arrived on Friday conduct of military operations ongoing in hand against the rock cliff Daash terrorist gangs.

The source said the reporter Agency all of Iraq [where] that “Interior Minister Mohammed Ghaban discussed with the commander of Babylon Gen. Abdul-Hussein al-Baidhani and other military leaders at the headquarters of operations last military developments in the rock cliff and continued progress by the sectors of the army and the popular mobilization.”

He added that “Ghaban also briefed on the most important developments and the need to oblige all military units zero tolerance with the enemy and fighting soon resolve and prevent elements Daash escape and arrest or eliminate them.”

Meanwhile, the source noted that “the clashes are still inside is connected with some parts of the center on the rock cliff and Persian slave Lewis and Hujayr” stressing that “the occurrence of dozens of deaths in Daash and wounding a large number of them while others handed themselves some runs out of ammunition.”

The military operation was launched yesterday and was described as “large” in the rock cliff, according to a security source, who between it “aims to liberate the areas completely, especially after receiving information indicates the presence of significant weakness in the ranks of terrorist groups” Ended 20

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