Abadi and religious authority calling to unify the ranks to confront terrorism

Posted: Saturday, October 25th, 2014

Huda Jassim (Baghdad)

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, yesterday, to unite and inspire lessons from the march of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him in the victory over the enemies of the nation and Islam in the country who are wreaking havoc and underdevelopment.

A statement by the Prime Minister’s Office, for Abadi as saying on the occasion of the new Hijra year, that Iraq is undergoing a serious require everyone to unite their efforts, and unite to achieve victory over our common enemy, which is represented by the organization (Daash) terrorist and other terrorist organizations, pointing out that the history repeats itself, it is fought and fought Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, they themselves are killing Iraqis from all sects and disbelieve today, backed agendas do not want Iraq and its people, good security and stability.

And between Abadi «While we pass, we start the new Hijra year, it is necessary to have everyone on the extent of liability, but not this month, the real beginning of the expulsion of the terrorist organizations in Iraq and to live in peace and security and safety, and are heading for Reconstruction and construction for the welfare of the people of this country».He stressed the need to pay attention to the size of the Iraqi citizen, the devastation of these terrorist organizations and seriousness on Iraq and its people.

Furthermore, called the religious authority, the security agencies to caution during the month of Muharram of the target communities, calling on politicians to receive public Islamic honest souls, and stressing the need to continue to support the fighters fighting fronts.

The representative of the reference Ahmad Safi during a Friday sermon «hoped politicians would benefit than in the past, and prepare souls honest with others, love for their people and seeking to bring good to him, exerting all her time to resolve outstanding problems, including the one hand and the problems suffered by the Iraqi people, on the other hand». He added that «despite the security challenges faced by the country, there are other challenges on the level of services must be available, and on all sides invest the country’s resources in agriculture, industry and policy-making development and clear, check the aspirations of the people who are still struggling in the hope the end of the problems».


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