The priorities of the government program

10/21/2014 0:00

Yassin Atwani
usually accompanied by the formation of any new government, a government program of work, is in the light of determining the priorities of this government, which is a new government’s agenda for the next phase.

It is natural that includes this program, and according to the requirements and priorities of the country’s needs for the foreseeable future, and the other is on the strategy to achieve them.

If we tried to prioritize in our country within this perspective, there is no doubt that the defeat terrorist groups and security comes on top of the priorities of the government program, and this was confirmed by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, a review of his government program in front of the House of Representatives.

Despite the fact that this is no different than the two, but this does not mean the neglect of the rest of the priorities is as important as the priority of security and defeat terrorism.

Out of prioritization in the government program, which won on the impact of Mr. Abadi confidence of the House of Representatives, we see steps ambitious included in this program which it was clear objectives through its emphasis on achieving the requirements of present and future for the Iraqi people, as the distribution platform of the government program on several key areas, in addition to the priority of achieving security and stability in the country, the text of the program to achieve the two types of plans and commitments, the first urgent exigencies of the circumstances of the stage, and the goal sheltering displaced families, and to alleviate their suffering, through the provision of adequate housing for them, and meet the requirements of daily living, and enroll children in school, as a prelude to returning them to their home areas after editing.

The second plan comprehensive strategy covering the next four years, and include all sectors and fields, and sets specific targets required by the conditions of the priorities of the country, and oversees the developed and formulated by experts and advisers from different state institutions.

Included in this characterization upgrading service and standard of living of citizens, including the development of efficient educational and research institutions, and the provision of basic services to citizens, and to achieve social security effectively and efficiently, and to provide a healthy environment clean, and the protection of the cultural heritage of the spectra of the community, and concern for young women and children, and the development of the national economy, through diversify sources of income.

The government program also talked about starting an administrative revolution, and to ensure optimal use of financial resources, and activating the principle of accountability, and the separation between the political and administrative positions.

He also pledged to fight corruption and the transformation from a planned economy to a free market economyand support investment, and private sector development, and attention to agricultural and industrial activity, as well as support the capabilities of the Iraqi army and security forces.

And did not ignore the government program to develop Iraq’s relations with the countries of the region and the world.

these are the main axes of the government program, and it seems it Ictnz between carries a lot of hopes and legitimate aspirations are consonant with the needs of the citizen, but the question that arises is:

what are the mechanisms that will be under implementation this program?

There is no doubt that it needs the concerted efforts of everyone in order to determine the methods actors for the implementation of the paragraphs of the government program, and perhaps the first steps to be taken in this regard lies in the process of cooperation and coordination between the legislative and executive branches, Without this integration between the two can not be for this program to see the light of day.

The other thing sponsor the implementation of the paragraphs of this program is the compatibility between the various political parties, through resorting to reference the Constitution in case of any dispute, and stay away from personal interpretations, regional, and political bids, and the pursuit of immediate gains.

So you must deal with this matter seriously and packages, by standing on the ills and drawbacks real disturb the political harmony, and reflect negatively on the weft and the structure of the same society, and this means looking for participants that combine the political parties, and to build on what has been achieved understandings.


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