General Retirement proceed to issue smart cards for minors in Nineveh

Nineveh – Iraq Press – October 22 / October: MP announced in the Iraqi parliament, Hamadoun pros, on Wednesday, the start of the General Authority for the issuance and retirement of granting the smart card and the payment of salaries to retirees minors from Nineveh.

She said Hamadoun L / Iraq Press / “The DFI has completed about 2,000 smart card after claims many of the retirees of Nineveh province, and began granting of the order paydays for retirees minors them specifically,” hinting to “obtaining official approvals by the federal government for the disbursement of pensions through the province of Kirkuk.”

Dozens of retired minors in the province of Nineveh Ttalboa the federal government, regardless of their salaries, pensions and give them a smart card, which stopped after the fall of Nineveh province, on the tenth of the month of June. Admiral ended


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