House of Representatives plans to open 40 file financial corruption in the Maliki government

22/10/2014 (00:01 pm)

BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

I decided to Integrity Committee in the House of Representatives re-open the 40 file financial corruption of the previous session as well as the issues and reached recently, stressing that the priorities for the next four years to track corruption and hold negligent for these files “without any political target.

This comes at a time that revealed Deputy block reform, led by Ibrahim al-Jaafari that “the political blocs in the House of Representatives finally agreed to resolve differences over the presidencies of committees integrity, security and defense, legal and agreed on the presidency equally between the National Alliance and Kurdistan (PUK) and the Union of Forces.”

The House voted on September 8, 2014 for its standing committees, which amounted to 26 of the Commission has not been named presidencies of committees and deputies nor its decisions.

He says Kurdistan Alliance MP Mahmoud Nour Eddin Ardalan for “term” that “the Integrity Committee in the House of Representatives and developed a particular strategy and specific to open all files, financial and administrative corruption for years.”

He continues, Noureddine that “the coming period will be distributed to members of the Committee on Committees and all the mini-committee specializes in the research and the subject of a specific file,” pointing out that the number of files that will be opened more than 40 file corruption. ”

Adds a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee that “the details of the names of files that will be re-investigated within the jurisdiction of the mini-committee which will raise a detailed report on these files and the actions that were taken.”

It stresses that “all files investigated by the Integrity Commission, the former will re-open the investigation, as well as the arrival of new files will be investigated,” refusing to disclose the names and addresses of file corruption which will be opened soon, saying that these files confidential will not Nbouh out to prove that the verification them. ”

He points out that “the Integrity Committee will hold a meeting next Tuesday to choose a president and his deputy, and her decision then will be distributed to all files on the members of the Committee, so that each member Sechts file specified in order to finish all the files together.”

In turn, shows a member of the Integrity Commission, Abdul Karim Alabtan that “the Parliamentary Integrity serious open all files of corruption retroactively since 2003.”

He says Alabtan in an interview with the “long” that the files that will be opened and re-investigated will include the post-2003. “And adds that” financial corruption after 2003 exceeded the perceptions and expectations, as well as the organization Transparency International listed Iraq among the advanced countries in the field of financial corruption and administrative. ”

And excludes MP for the National Bloc politicize the files of corruption within the Integrity Commission, saying that the opening of these files will be away from the political aim and purpose of a refund of the Iraqi people, “stressing that” the Integrity Commission will not tolerate any file from corrupt files that will be opened in the coming period. “.

For his part, shows the MP block reform crescent Sahlani that “the Integrity Committee postponed a meeting scheduled yesterday because of her links to some of the House of Representatives, to next Tuesday to choose the presidency.”

Sahlani says in a telephone conversation with the “long” that the Integrity Commission has so far held one meeting did not agree on who will be the president and vice and scheduled, “adding, that the priorities of the Action Committee for the coming period tracker corrupt and hold them accountable.”

He continues that “We have a lot of files in the previous session, which includes the state’s institutions, ministries and provinces.”

With regard to who should be prime Integrity Commission deputy Sahlani reveals that “there is a difference between the National Alliance and the Union of Iraqi forces on the presidency of this Committee and committees of security and defense and legal.”

It is noteworthy that “the political blocs agreed to finally solve this problem that hinder the resolution of the presidencies of committees in that figure holds the presidency of the National Alliance for the Integrity Commission, and security and defense for a period of two years

and then followed by a figure of the Union of Forces for the remainder of the parliamentary session.” And adds that “the presidency of the Legal Committee will be divided equally between the National Alliance and the Kurdistan Alliance.”…4%D9%8A-%D9%81


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