Conscious / Tomorrow kicks off the Baghdad International Fair Bdorth the (41) under the auspices of the Prime Minister

19/10/2014 05:40:00

Conscious / Baghdad / m. A
The company announced the public for exhibitions and commercial services for the Iraqi post 20 countries officially in session (41), which starts tomorrow effectiveness sponsored by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.
The general director of the company exhibits Iraqi and commercial services in the Ministry of Commerce Jassim Mohammed Al-Amri in a statement received by (news agency, media / INA) announced today that the current session is the greatest posts since the regime change Aban 2003, and is broader in terms of attracting businesses local, Arab and international.
He added that the current situation and security developments did not prevent states and international companies from participating in the biggest demonstration of economic and investment taking place in Iraq, a message of peace from the people of Iraq and its national government to the world of building, reconstruction and investment.
Mohammed said that the demonstration of the exhibition this year represent a starting point the reality of the Iraqi economy and emphasizes communication with the world as well as being a bright spot for the development of Iraqi expertise through convergence and interaction with the economic developments taking place in the world.
He pointed to the participation of countries (Japan, Germany, Iran, Syria, Kuwait, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Slovakia, Pakistan, Sudan, Cameroon, Bulgaria, Lebanon, India, Switzerland, Somalia, Czech Republic, France, Jordan), a Maimthel wider participation on posts after fall of the regime and the democratic process in Iraq.
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