Conscious / Commerce Minister: Baghdad International Fair, the gateway to Iraq for interaction and convergence of the global economy

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Conscious / Baghdad / m. A
The Minister of Commerce Mlas Engineer Mohammed Abdul Karim said the Ministry of Commerce has made ​​strenuous efforts to establish the Baghdad International Fair Bdorth the 41 post, which testifies to more than 15 countries, despite the circumstance that Iraq is going through a challenging the terror gangs Aldaashah.
He said in a statement received by (news agency, media / INA) announced today that this session comes in line with the directives of the government to encourage the development and support of the investment process and to attract the best global companies and increase the volume of trade with the countries of the world, also contributes to the exhibition in increasing the expertise and support of the private sector in addition to the being an important economic forum.
He stressed that the participation this year is positive and significant, despite the circumstances that surround the region and Iraq faces from terrorist operations, but the success of the organization and the Ministry of Commerce to attract this number of countries and companies that responded to the call and came to Baghdad involved her children the joy of the establishment of this important economic forum.
It is said that this session is witnessing the establishment of national days for a number of the participating countries during the days of the exhibition, where will the second day in the twenty-establish the national holiday for each of the states of Japan and Ukraine, while the second day in twenty will be National Day of Germany in what would be the third day in the twenty National Day of the State of Slovak and Sudan.
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