Najafi round begins “a new wrestling” with his arch rival al-Maliki after a month-long truce

Najafi round begins “a new wrestling” with his arch rival al-Maliki after a month-long truce

Baghdad-Iraq-Presse -17 October / October: It seems that the meeting between the Magistrate, who was at the home of President Fuad Masum, following the announcement of the line-in, last September, did not end the dispute between the sharp Vice President Osama Najafi and Nuri al-Maliki.
Najafi visibly angry as he spoke through one of the satellite channels for “nemesis” Nuri al-Maliki said that he “is the cause of security breakdowns that take place in Iraq.”
Najafi said, in the first attack on al-Maliki since his assumption of the new position eight years he lived in Iraq under al-Maliki and said it was “established security vulnerabilities and confirmed by evidence and many witnesses.”
“The al-Maliki and some of its leaders are the cause of landslides Almtkhazlh security developments in most provinces of Iraq,” noting that “the leaders of the military spineless and cowardly expensive by al-Maliki are the main reason that helped Daash in the occupation of those areas.”
With the escalation of voices calling for the case-Maliki to direct investigations in the massacre of Spyker found Najafi brave enough to say, that “those military leaders, make a deal with terrorism in order to maintain its integrity, without concern for the lives of innocent people who have been sold cheaply, as happened in the massacres of the recent period “.

He said, “There are political parties undertook to investigate the facts and uncover issues involved in Almtkhazlh military leaders for crimes against humanity,” asserting that “will not be exempt, as happened in the past, and will be held accountable for negligence and Altortin Whatever sensitive office in the Iraqi government.”
Despite the passage of more than 24 hours to permit Najafi but the usual response of al-Maliki did not come, so far, Faragl busy stopping close to mobilize support for Hadi al-Amiri to assume the post of interior minister amid objections internal and external.
As he still supports the faction of the media to mobilize the vote rejecting the political head of the new government, Haider al-Abadi, while the latter decided to expel 22 journalists were working in the Information Office of the Council of Ministers in the reign of al-Maliki. Ended (1)

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