Not steal the century!

Not steal the century!

16-10-2014 11:55 PM

20 countries in the world are the poorest among the nations of the earth, not to exceed the per capita share of GDP by about $ 50 per month. In none of these countries has to be that the amount of 02/01 to 06/01 billion dollars seems astronomically because it is equivalent to a half or a quarter of the value of the annual budget of the country, as is the case in the Republic of Niger, Africa, for example.
But in a country reaches its income from oil alone to 100 billion dollars a year, such as Iraq, the sum of one billion or two billion dollars is not Mhola. It’s like a lake next to the ocean. Perhaps this is what is in the mind, who do not hesitate to raise the ceiling Sergathm of our money year to billions .. they consider one billion and two billion points from Sea .. But the problem is that people who think this way and working out numbers are increasing year after year, all of them Atedd other and encourages , and went immediately to suction a significant share of oil revenues yearly, making the state $ 100 billion is unable to build a hospital years specifications trendy every two or three years, or to make hospitals inherited from the former regime, clean, or to pay tribute to a hundred schools in ten years , or to renew a network of roads and railway lines collapsed, or to enter the electricity to the homes of citizens 12 hours a day, or that enables departments of the municipal cleaning residential neighborhoods, streets and public squares, even if 50 percent or .. or ..!
In recent days, unveiled one of the theft of the wealth of the Iraqi people who suffer poverty and misery, illiteracy and abuse of human dignity to increase the suffering of terrorism and organized crime gangs … the amount of theft between $ 1.2 and $ 1.6 billion was transferred to Lebanon and Takbith in the basement of one of the farms.
Amount large scales African and Asian countries poor, but for us not to steal era or century, Valdaúa wealth of Iraqis every year, since 2003, until now, a lot more than this amount.
Not surprising to have senior standing behind the robberies major public money are senior officials in the state, government and parliament, but what is surprising, or perhaps should not be raised at all, that most of these are influential in the parties of political Islam specifically who carry rosaries into their own hands and put valves (rings) in their fingers and beards Kth or snack.
Here one example of the hundreds: two years ago, was sacked Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi and a group of his aides under the pretext of the most efficient and no cases of financial and administrative corruption in the bank. Case took place against the backdrop of the government’s refusal to lend Shabibi (former) several billion dollars, the bank committed to him the law that prevents the operations of this kind.
It is important that smokescreen and directed the play in an acceptable form (it was miserable in fact) the form of the House of Representatives (the former) a commission of inquiry headed by the Vice President at the time Qusay al-Suhail .. until today did not show the results of the investigation to the Board, and now when you ask them do not find them any impact inside and outside the Council.
The reason?
The reason that the committee found that cases of financial and administrative corruption was not Shabibi and his aides were involved in, but other staff in the bank and state officials, including deputies influential in the House of Representatives and in the parties’ Islamic, Shiite and Sunni alike .. Yes, yes, Islamic, and this is the reason not to broadcast the results of the investigation.

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